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One Weekend in Venice
Christi Barth
(One Weekend, #1)
Publication date: May 24th 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Cady Staunton and Jasper Holt have been best friends forever–and only friends, aside from one unexpected kiss in Vegas eight years ago. But everything changes during a destination wedding in Venice.

Their rock band may or may not be breaking up. Jasper is definitely hiding a secret from her. Actually, they’ve both always hidden their true desires for each other. They intended to keep it that way until circumstances–and another accidental kiss–lead them to take a leap.

They’ll use this weekend in Venice to test shifting from friendship to something…more. If it doesn’t work? They’ll go back to being best friends. Except…that never works. And there’s still the problem of Jasper’s big secret and what to do about their band. Will their friendship, let alone their attempt at love, even survive the weekend?

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have you ever seen us be romantic?”

“No. Of course not.”

“Then why do you believe Jasper’s going to propose?” And—more to the point—why wasn’t Jasper busy shooting down this stupid rumor too?

Levi raised his arm before saying, “Because you’re single. Desperate.”

Nobody had asked for the answer to be crowdsourced. “That’s not—what? How do I give off desperate vibes?”

“You don’t.” Hudson awkwardly patted her shoulder. “Aside from I know you’re thirty.”

“Yes, but it isn’t 1930. God, Hudson, pull your head out of your chauvinistic, patriarchal ass.”

“And you made a promise. You two never go back on your word.”

Well. It was nice to be appreciated. Cady did take great pride in her reliability. It wasn’t sexy or exciting, but it kept their career moving in the right direction. It also meant that she was the go-to friend to fix any and everything.

Enough was enough. Jasper was a few steps ahead of her, making his way over the low, narrow stones of an arched bridge. All while he mimed a sword slicing through the air. She took the steps two at a time to catch up.

She tried, anyway.

The anorexically thin bootie heel slid between the cobblestones. That rolled her ankle. Cady plummeted sideways. As her body slid through nothingness, she remembered Jasper’s whole point about visiting this bridge.

No freaking guard rails.

Then the breath whooshed out of her as a strong arm banded her to a chest that might as well belong to a gargoyle as it was so hard. Instinctively, her hands clasped behind Jasper’s neck.

Bella signorina,” he murmured. “You’ve got to be more careful.” He triumphed over gravity and brought her upright—but only for a second.

As soon as both of her feet were planted, he tipped her the other way into a deep, right-outta-the-movies dip, bracing the small of her back against his thigh. Jasper kissed her. Cady gasped, and his mouth stole the breath as it settled over hers.

It felt…intentional.

Unlike last time, they were both sober. No excuse to fall back on. Nothing to prove.

And yet…

The kiss kept going. They both sank into it. As if they were lovers who’d reunited after being parted for years. His tongue took the lead in swirling and tasting and thrusting.

She distinctly felt everywhere they touched. The soft edge of his hair against her thumbs. One breast against his rock-hard pec. The distinct bulge in his pants along her ribs.

That was for…because of her?

Cady’s eyes flew open. She immediately met Jasper’s unwavering stare and the heat in them that almost threw off sparks. No mistake. He definitely knew who he was kissing.

And yet…

The kiss still kept going. It got wetter. Hotter. Deeper. More passionate. All her nerve endings were on high alert to the heat of the May morning. The strength of Jasper’s thigh against her ass. A strong scent of the sea from the tidal saltwater of the lagoon with a chaser of gasoline from all the boats.

Mostly, though, she smelled Jasper. The lemon, sage, and mossy cologne he’d worn for as long as she’d known him. And she tasted the sweetness of the strawberry crostata they’d chased with espresso before leaving the hotel.

And…she felt desire—strip your clothes off at the front door levels of desire—roaring through her. This wasn’t a casual kiss to be laughed off. Cady wanted all of him. Naked. Over her.

All of Jasper.

All of her best friend.

Oh, shit. Her best friend. She was making out and on the verge of dry humping her best friend. In broad daylight. That had to fall under “Things That Labeled You an Ugly American.” A bad tourist.

Author Bio:

USA TODAY bestseller Christi Barth earned a Masters degree in vocal performance and embarked upon a career on the stage. A love of romance then drew her to wedding planning. Ultimately she succumbed to her lifelong love of books and now writes contemporary romance. Christi lives in Maryland with her husband.

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