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Play By My Rules
Michelle Karise
Publication date: February 28th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

All I wanted was a cup of tea, but I got early morning shenanigans.
Stolen beverage order?
Furious confrontation?
Asked out by a thieving, sexy, tall drink of . . .
It wasn’t the best start to my day, but it had to go up from there. Right?
It was my first day at my new job, and I wanted to make the best impression. I arrived at the office with minutes to spare, and who did I bump into again?
The gorgeous thief.
Harrison Cooper was the president of my company and my boss.
It was fine. Really. Resisting the heated flirtations and stormy kisses designed to bring me to my knees would be no problem.
Office romance?
My past exposed?
Shattered world?
Now how do I pick up the pieces?

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Harrison ran a knuckle from my nape down my arm. His fingers entwined with mine, he raised my hand to his lips and pressed a kiss. Not wanting to break our connection, I stroked his cheek.

His hand crept along my side. Mine rested over his heart, the beat racing a thousand miles per hour.

Legs pressed against mine and one hand gripping my waist, Harrison used the other hand to push my hair to the side. I sucked in a breath. It was as if I’d been standing at the edge of a bridge with bungee cords binding my legs and my body poised to leap as adrenaline pumped through me, waiting for the feeling of flight. I clutched his shoulders and held on for dear life.

He leaned in, his stubble tickling my jaw before he sucked my flesh into his mouth. featherlight nips on my neck and collarbone turned to sucking and biting. My nipples hardened as I fell over the edge. He chuckled when I let out a soft moan.

“Arianna, I’d better stop.”

A little mewing sound of discontent escaped my lips as he pulled away.

“That was better than I ever imagined,” he whispered, not taking his eyes from mine. His chest rapidly rose and fell.

I nodded and rubbed my fingertips over my mouth. I wasn’t sure what to do. Do I stay? Or do I leave? How will I forget what happened? What does this kiss mean? When can we do it again?

Should I quit my job?

Author Bio:

Michelle Karise is a type-A romance author of stories featuring black female leads and the men who love them. She spends her days organizing, planning, and executing corporate initiatives. When she’s done with her workday, she spends her evenings crafting titillating tales of infatuation, passion, and pleasure. Michelle makes her home in Missouri with her overprotective dog, Rooney.

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