Release Day Review: The Night of Many Endings by Melissa Payne

From Melissa Payne, bestselling author of Memories in the Drift, comes an emotionally rich, feel-good novel about hope, second chances, and seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.

Orphaned at a young age and witness to her brother’s decline into addiction, Nora Martinez has every excuse to question the fairness of life. Instead, the openhearted librarian in the small Colorado community of Silver Ridge sees only promise. She holds on to the hope that she’ll be reunited with her missing brother and does what she can at the town library. It’s her home away from home, but it’s also a sanctuary for others who, like her brother, could use a second chance.

There’s Marlene, an elderly loner who believes that, apart from her husband, there’s little good left in the world; Jasmine, a troubled teen; Lewis, a homeless man with lost hope and one last wish; and Vlado, the security guard who loves a good book and, from afar, Nora.

As a winter storm buries Silver Ridge, this collection of lonely hearts takes shelter in the library. They’ll discover more about each other, and themselves, than they ever knew—and Nora will be forced to question her brother’s disappearance in ways she never could have imagined. No matter how stranded in life they feel, this fateful night could be the new beginning they didn’t think was possible.

**ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review**

I didn’t have any expectations when I started The Night of Many Endings, but found myself really enjoying the story. It took me a few chapters to get really into it but after that I was fully invested in every characters story. Librarian Nora, security guard Vlado, Marlene an elderly loner, Lewis a homeless man, and Jasmine a troubled teen are all stranded and take shelter together at a library during a winter storm. Here they find themselves fighting and eventually opening up to each other.

They all teach other a valuable lesson about life and letting go. All the characters have their own issues and secrets. I really found it beautiful how they all towards to end started to open up and work together. My heart broke for the characters and they all had their own heartbreak they had to deal with. This story was fast-paced and a bit rushed at times. Especially towards the end it left me a bit unsatisfied. The writing style had a great flow and it was very easy to read. I look forward to reading more books by this author.


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For as long as she can remember, Melissa Payne has been telling stories in one form or another—from high school newspaper articles to a graduate thesis to blogging about marriage and motherhood. But she first learned the real importance of storytelling when she worked for a residential and day treatment center for abused and neglected children. There she wrote speeches and letters to raise funds for the  children. The truth in those stories was piercing and painful and written to invoke in the reader a call to action: to give, to help, to make a difference.  Melissa’s love of writing and sharing stories in all forms has endured.  She lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains  with her husband and three children, a friendly mutt, a very loud cat, and the occasional bear. 

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