Release Day Review: Dance of a Burning Sea by E.J. Mellow

Series: Mousai #2
Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance

Within the world of Aadilor, there is a hidden place called the Thief Kingdom, where both magic and pleasure abound. There, the Mousai, a trio of deadly sorceresses bound by oath and blood, use their powers to protect the kingdom’s treasures.

Niya Bassette brings the potent gift of dance to the Mousai, but behind her tempting twirls, she carries a heavy secret—that the infamous pirate lord, Alōs Ezra, has been threatening to exploit for years. Now banished from the Thief Kingdom for smuggling, Alōs resurfaces in Niya’s life with a plot to hold her hostage, leveraging what he knows to extort a pardon from the Thief King.

But Niya makes her own deal with Alōs to guard her secret and guarantee her freedom—yet in doing so binds herself aboard his pirate ship, where she must navigate deadly waters, a bloodthirsty crew, and her own traitorous heart. Soon, a simmering attraction between her and Alōs threatens their delicate truce and makes for a tumultuous ride on the open seas. Far from her kingdom, Niya is entangled in a dangerous dance indeed.

Welcome to the world of Aadilor, where dark deeds can mask noble hearts and the most alluring of sways often ends with a burn. Care for a spin?

**ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review**

I have to admit that I read more than a quarter of the first book in the Mousai series, however I couldn't completely get into it (I will eventually go back and finish it) and decided to read Dance of a Burning Sea because the blurb just sounded really good. Because I read part of the first book I had some background information about the characters. However, this book in my opinion can be read as a standalone. This is a enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance. The banter between pirate lord Alos Ezra and the fire dancer Niya was amazing. I just couldn't get enough and they were a really great match.

“...her burning fire had worked its way into his heart, keeping it from ever truly being able to freeze over again.”

I especially loved the setting and the different places we traveled in this book. The side characters were awesome and added an extra layer to the story. This was a long book (around 500 pages) but it definitely wasn't dull. I was connected to the characters and was invested in the story. I looked forward to seeing what would happen next and how the characters would grow. The love/hate relationship they had was hot and you could really feel the tension between them. Dance of a Burning Sea is a great fantasy romance, and I love E.J. Mellow's writing style. It was very easy to read and had a great flow. I can't wait for the next book to release, which will be about the oldest sister Arabessa.

Start the series with book 1 - Song of the Forever Rains:


E.J. Mellow is an award-winning, bestselling author of five novels. She grew up in a household of artists, surrounded by three sisters who were often found traipsing through the small grove of trees near their home. There they morphed into wolves and wild horses, escaping capture from many foe. Today, E.J. has taken her imagination to the page where readers have said her "lyrical, vibrant, and imaginative" writing sweeps them into "stunning worlds". She is also the co-founder of She Is Booked, a literary themed fundraising organization that supports women’s charities.


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