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Between The Waves

by Ellie Malouff 
Publication Date: June 28, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

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Life for former pro-surfer Jake Garrant moves pretty slow in the small town of Manalua, Hawaii until one day a mysterious black haired beauty in a Cubs cap asks for surfing lessons. He commits to six lessons and does his best to keep it professional, but he can’t help falling for a woman named Audrey Logan. As each lesson goes by, the heat between them grows and they give into their desires, until one day they’re forced to face the ultimate riptide.

Audrey’s Second Surfing Lesson 
from Jake’s POV

A swell comes our way and this one will break. If Audrey can get up on her board, she’ll get a good push on the white water.
“You got this,” I tell her and flash her a shaka sign.
She does it back. “Hang loose,” she says excitedly, and that makes me laugh.
“Now,” I instruct her.
And she does beautifully, but the wave breaks a little harder than I predicted, and she wipes out rather dramatically. My head knows that she’s going to be just fine, but my heartbeat triples in speed. I slide off my board in a rush and find her beneath the surface. We swim up together in each other’s arms.
I’m worried that she’s going to be discouraged and that she’ll want to give up, but honestly, I should know better. Audrey is tough and determined.
“That was fucking amazing!” She throws her arms around my neck and gives me a hella good hug.
I squeeze her tighter, pride radiating through me. “That pop-up was great. You really went for it.”
She pulls back and our eyes connect. They’re as bright as the sky behind her and they’re the last thing I see before she presses her mouth against mine. Her lips are trembling, probably from the adrenaline. She tastes understandably salty, but surprisingly sweet. I pull her body closer to mine, and she wraps her legs around me just like she did last week. It drives me absolutely wild and makes me uncomfortably hard in my wetsuit. My hand goes up to the back of her neck and I kiss her deeply. I’m ready to drag her out of the sea, rip off these suits, and dive right into her on the spot. But…the ocean knows better. My surfboard smacks me in the back of the head on the swell of a wave and brings me back to my senses. I pull away and lift her up as a wave passes through us.

About Ellie Malouff

Ellie Malouff has been dreaming up stories for as long as she can remember. As an avid reader, she loves getting lost in books and decided one day to give a little back to the literary world with her own contribution. When she’s not writing, you can find her parked on the couch in Colorado with her husband, kids, and cats. She loves traveling to Ireland whenever she gets the chance.

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