ARC REVIEW - Within Six Months by Cleo Scornavacca

Within Six Months 

A Wild Roses Novel (Book One)


Time…escaping his past, struggling with the present, looking towards his future.

Time… a gift, precious, fleeting, ever-changing, moving quickly…too quickly, especially for a man searching for the woman of his dreams.

That’s exactly how photographer Tommy Conte decided he would begin his new life. He left everything he knew behind in search of something special…someone special. His plan was clear. He would move to the beach, renovate an old shore house and find the woman that he would ultimately marry…all within six months.

Was he delusional? Perhaps…yet after everything that had gone on in his life the last few years, he had to take that chance.

Then… as luck would have it, he met Jade Stanton, his new neighbor. Tommy was immediately drawn to her. He wanted and needed to know more. 

Perfect right? Wrong…

There was one small problem. Jade wasn’t looking for a long-term relationship like Tommy was. She was done…over it. She swore off anything serious with any man that came her way…until she was backed into a corner and Tommy came to her rescue. 

He pretended to be her boyfriend…for just one evening.

It was simple, no strings attached. It was only one night, or so she thought.

Due to circumstances beyond her control, Jade needed Tommy to play his part for a little while longer. She didn’t think it would be a problem. Tommy was fine with it and they both knew it was all just an act. Yet, Jade came to realize the more she pretended, the more she couldn’t deny that she was falling for him. Although she didn’t want Tommy to find out, Tommy knew better; he felt it too. 

Tommy realized that the girl he had dreamed of was right there in front of him; and the life he wanted to share with her was finally within his grasp. He decided he couldn't let her slip away. He wouldn't leave it up to fate. He had to try, but Tommy also knew it wouldn’t be easy. Actually, it would be the hardest thing he ever had to do…prove to Jade that she could trust him enough to love him, as much as he loved her.

Tommy is Rain's best friend.

Tommy wanted a new start, so he did not tell anyone who he was or what he did. Tommy only knew two people at the beginning of his new start. Viv, who bought the beach house, and his friend Daniel.

I loved Jade and Tommy. Tommy buys Jade's brother's house, then the secrets and lies start. When I read this story, I experienced many emotions: My heart hurt, I was angry, I was happy, and so much more.

Their story is full of love, where they forget the painful memories and surrender to true love.

When Jade and Tommy's special scene came along, I shouted with joy. It was so beautiful. I absolutely love love loved it, I want to say a lot more,  however I do not want to spoil it. All I can say it is certainly a perfect story! I am really looking forward to the next book "A Wild Roses" in this spin-off series.

I really enjoyed reading this story. I want to read the second book as soon as possible. Thank you so much for this story! It was really amazing!

P.S. : Folks, buy Cleo's books, and I swear you will not regret reading her books.


Rain'in en yakın arkadaşı Tommy.

Tommy yeni bir başlangıç istedi, ve kim olduğunu ya da ne yaptığını kimseye söylemedi. Tommy yeni yaptığı başlangıçta sadece iki kişiyi tanıyordu. Plaj evini satın aldığı kadın Viv, ve arkadaşı Daniel.

Jade ve Tommy. Onları sevdim. Tommy Jade’in abisinin evini satın alıyor, ve sırlarla yalanlar o zaman başlıyor. Bu hikayeyi okurken bir sürü duyguyu aynı anda yaşadım. Kalbim acıdı, üzüldüm, sevindim ve bir sürü duyguyu bir arada yaşadım.

Onların hikayesi sevgi dolu bir hikaye ve acı verici anılarını unutup gerçek aşka teslim oldukları bir hikaye. Onların hikayesi acı verici anılarını unutup gerçek aşka teslim oldukları sıcak bir hikaye. 

Ve Jade ve Tommy'nin özel sahnesi geldiğinde sevinç çığlıkları atarak bağırdım. Çok güzeldi. Çok daha fazlasını söylemek istiyorum, ama spoiler vermek istemiyorum. Tüm söyleyebileceğim, kesinlikle harika bir iş! Bu spin-off serisinde bir sonraki "A Wild Roses Novel Kitap #2" kitabını sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum.

Bu hikayeyi okumaktan gerçekten keyif aldım. İkinci kitabı en kısa zamanda okumak istiyorum. Bu hikaye için çok teşekkür ederim! Kitabı okuduğum için mutluyum. Gerçekten harikaydı!

NOT: Millet, Cleo'nun kitaplarını satın alın, ve yemin ederim kesinlikle pişman olmayacaksınız.


About the Author
Cleo is a wife, mom & Jersey Girl. When Cleo isn't writing, she spends time reading and being with her family & friends. . She has strong beliefs against animal abuse, an obsession with anything about Italy and spends as much time as she can "down the shore", with pen and paper in hand. 

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