Release Day Blitz + Review: Thicker Than Water by Dylan Allen

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Release Date: October 6, 2017


Lucia Vega is on a winning streak. Her book, Throw Away the Key has taken the country by storm. And now it’s being made into a movie. After years of chasing it, she can finally taste freedom.

Reece Carras is one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. Handsome, rich and generous, he’s everything girls like her aren’t supposed to dream of. But dream she does. And in his strong arms she finds a freedom she never even knew existed. 

Falling in love is the easy part… Cruel twists of fate and torn loyalties will make staying together seem impossible. Sacrifices will have to be made. And they will learn that blood may be thicker than water, But nothing is more powerful than two hearts that beat for each other.



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**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

"I see you, Lucia. The scarred places. And the beautiful parts."

This is the third full-length novel I read by Dylan Allen, and I can say that I am a huge fan of hers. The author raises awareness to a very relevant and important issue in the USA. I don't live in the States so I don't know a lot of about this issue, but this book was an eye-opener. After reading hundreds of romance novels, I look for more in that genre. Books like Thicker Than Water are perfect in my opinion, it has a great romance story but it's so much more than that. It highlights what a group of people go through every day and it makes you look a bit differently at the world. We need more books like Thicker Than Water, it is sexy and entertaining but also raises awareness.

"We were made for each other. You were looking for freedom...I thought I'd already found it. I had no idea."

I really enjoyed Lucia and Reece's story. This was a very heartbreaking but also uplifting story. It was emotional at times but also very sensual. The sex scenes were hot, and I loved the build-up towards it. Dylan has done another incredible job in creating such an unique and engaging story. I didn't know what to expect and that is always a good thing. So why not rate it 5 stars? I don't know how to explain it, but it was just missing something. I think if the book was longer, it would've had an even bigger impact on me (even though my heart broke to read what people go through). When I was at 80% I was thinking to myself: Will there be a sequel..., because I didn't feel like everything could be resolved in the last 20% of the book. So I had a bit of mixed feelings about the last quarter of the book. I loved what happened, but I also wanted more and told in a slower pace.


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Dylan Allen is a Texas girl with a serious case of wanderlust. A self-proclaimed happily ever junkie, she loves creating stories where her characters chase their own happy endings. When she isn’t writing or reading, eating or cooking, she and her family are planning their next adventure.

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