Release Blitz + Review: Dead in the Water by Britney King

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Series: Water Trilogy #2
Release Date: Jan 17, 2017


A Gripping Romantic Suspense Thriller

He’s a contract killer. She likes to even the score. Smack dab in the middle of suburbia, few married couples are as competitive as Jude and Kate.
But then, most married couples don't keep score in the form of body counts. Each hell-bent on a silent pact to out-do the other, the games begin.
Who ends up on top is anyone’s guess. But with these two, one thing’s for sure— not everyone comes out alive.
After all, there are a few things they can agree on: All is fair in love and war. And if they can’t make it work— they’re dead in the water.


**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review**
Dead in The Water is the continuation of Kate and Jude's story that started in Water Under the Bridge. The first book was about how they met and in Dead in The Water we see how they live as a married couple and try to fit in as best as they can. I had no idea what to expect because killers are pretty unpredictable, at least Kate really was. Just like in the first book, Kate did things her own way and didn't really like to follow rules. She liked to push Jude's buttons. Jude is the exact opposite, very straight to the point and follows his own set of rules. Their relationship was pretty dysfunctional in my opinion. A couple of times Jude had to bail Kate out and that did create a rift between the two. 

There was a lot of great character development for them as a couple. There were times tensions were running very high. I loved how everything in this story developed and how the characters handled certain situations, was it always the right way? That is debatable but Britney really stayed true to the characters. I learned a lot of new things about the characters in this book and I enjoyed the short flashbacks into the characters pasts. Those flashbacks gave a great idea why the characters are the way they are. 

I loved everything about this book. It was dark and twisted and I just couldn't get enough. The writing style (second person POV/internal monologue) took me less time to get used to in this book and it worked perfectly. It added something extra to the story and set the vibe for the whole book. Even though this book can be read as a stand-alone, I still highly recommend you to start with Water Under the Bridge to fully understand and experience these characters. Read this book if you love stories about unconventional characters/couples, where you have no idea what is going to happen. Britney King has created such an unique story with one of the most intriguing characters. I was hooked on their relationship and individual decision making. This book was amazing! 

“Cheers,” I offer, but it sounds like ‘fuck you,’ which it is, and I hate that we haven’t touched glasses. It’s bad luck, and certainly we don’t need any of that. You don’t seem concerned with luck though, because in two short strides you are standing in front of me, and your eyes are dark. You swallow hard, and this intensity, it kills me. You don’t say anything, and I hate the silence between us. Maybe you’re trying to send a message. Maybe you’re into telepathy; I’m not sure. But I’m not afraid of this side of you, Jude. It’s always been the best part. And so when you push me against the wall, I go willingly. At least at first. Because I know you, and you’ve always enjoyed a bit of a fight.

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Britney King writes modern love stories for mature audiences. She also enjoys suspense and often finds her sweet spot penning a good mixture of the two.Britney is the author of eight novels and is currently at work on number nine.She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, children, two dogs, one ridiculous cat and a partridge in a pear tree.

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