Book Tour + Snippet + Giveaway: Just Over the Horizon by Susan Rush

Is it possible for a traveling hospice nurse to find romance in a small southern town? After all, she is only passing through and needs to focus on her job. A job that requires compassion and dedication. She can't afford to have any distractions.
Since her grandmother's death, Sarah has been alone. No family. No friends. No distractions.
Just the way she likes it. Traveling from town to town is an adventure, meeting new people, exploring new places, but could her solitary life be growing lonely?
Much to her surprise, two vastly differing men compete for her attention in the small historic town of Camden, South Carolina. Nate, the adopted son of one of Sarah's patients, is a true
Southerner with a sarcastic wit and genuine warmth. On the other hand, Dr. Joseph Thornton is a caring oncologist who is known as the best catch in the state. Who could say no to his Hollywood smile and emerald eyes?
No distractions. This has been her goal as a hospice nurse. But distractions is exactly what she gets. Will she be tempted to put down roots in the small town?
It's a good thing Sarah's eccentric Nana left her a mysterious box. Nana's gift provides the guidance and comfort Sarah desperately needs as she faces heart­wrenching trials. Not only does she have the stress of caring for the dying, she has to visit patients in the ghetto. What dangers await a beautiful young nurse making home visits at night?
Enduring sadness and trauma, Sarah's childhood faith is shattered. She tries desperately to hold onto Nana's godly legacy, but it is slipping away. When a bizarre stranger appears at her door with devastating news about Nana's past, can her cherished box continue to provide answers and deepen her faith or will Sarah realize her life has been based on nothing but lies?


Determined to reach her destination, she forged ahead only to discover the country road quickly became a gravel drive. Within a few hundred yards the gravel disappeared, and before she realized it, it was merely a clay pathway.
Sarah hesitated, wondering if she should push forward or give up and turn around. As she prayed about what to do, the skies opened and released sheets of rain. The windshield became a gray wall. She didn’t have a choice; she had to stop and wait out the storm.
A chill ran up her spine as lightning bolts flashed across the sky.
A traveling hospice nurse? What was I thinking? Out in the boonies… no cell phone coverage, nobody to ask directions. I was an idiot to take this job.
What was I thinking? Sarah’s self-reprimand was interrupted by a loud boom of thunder that shook the car.
She looked in her rear-view mirror and was horrified to see a muddy creek running down the middle of the dirt drive. Her car began inching sideways. She locked her brakes but the car continued to slide.  This is not good, so not good. Just as she started to panic, it eased into the bank and found a solid resting place.
I am not going to have a meltdown. Her knuckles turned white as she squeezed the steering wheel and emphatically declared, “I refuse to have a meltdown.” As Sarah consciously slowed her breathing, she leaned her head back on the headrest and let her mind drift to Nana, her amazingly eccentric grandmother who always knew just how to comfort her, how to quiet her nerves.
Sarah turned and climbed into the backseat. She ripped the tape off of a moving box, reached in, pulled out several items and tossed them aside. Sarah was searching for one special treasure.  When she finally found it, she smiled in relief and placed it on her lap. Simply having it near comforted her.
Wiping condensation from the window, Sarah looked out at the angry storm. Gusts of wind ravaged the trees, thrusting twigs and leaves onto the car. She caressed the top of the box as her eyes filled with tears. Lovingly, she traced the little painted strawberries on the box with her finger. Calm gradually settled, and a sense of nostalgia consumed her as she peeked under the lid.

About the author:

 Susan grew up in Charlotte, NC and has a psychology degree from Furman University and masters in social work from the University of South Carolina. She jokes that God didn't lead her to a career in hospice; He took her kicking and screaming the whole way. Now passionate about end­of­life care, she has worked with hospice for more than twenty years. She loves sharing about God's redemptive love and grace during life's most challenging struggles. Susan presently serves as a hospice director and lives in Columbia, SC with her husband and three children. Her whole family is fluent in sarcasm and on any given day, you can find them bantering away.

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