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Thank you for stopping by my tour stop for ARRGH! by Stacey Campbell. This is a middle grade fantasy adventure and the tour runs January 5-9 with reviews, interviews, guest posts and excerpts. Check out the tour page for the full schedule!

About the Book:

ARRGH!  by Stacey Campbell, 270 pages Forced to remain silent after being kidnapped by pirates Christopher must find a way to save an innocent merchant ship’s captain and his daughter from the evil grasp of Captain Redblade proving that friendship and family are worth fighting for no matter the costs.  

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Water poured down on them from the grate above. Christopher grabbed one of the lines still hanging from the rafters securing the gun to the deck.
“Over here!” Leo cried from atop the Admiral’s motionless body. “He’s still breathing.”
Christopher carefully turned over the unconscious Admiral. Blood oozed from a deep gash in his upper leg.
“Rip off his pant leg where it has been torn and roll it into a bandage so we can stop the bleeding!” Leo ordered.
The Georgiana heeled to the side. Christopher could barely see through the waterlogged wreckage and now he had the Admiral’s leg and maybe life to save. He gasped,
trying to regain control. His mind spun.

“All hands!” Christopher heard the Captain call again. The mouse pressed the fabric roll into the wound.
“Find Mr. Miller.”
Christopher ran out on to the main deck. Men clung to the yardarms and yelled hopelessly against the howling wind. The Georgiana barreled into mountain after mountain of frothing grey surf. A wave crashed over the rail nearly taking Christopher with it. Mr. Miller stood next to the Captain on the poop deck.
Clinging to the rail, Christopher made his way toward the officers. One step. Another step. The gale force winds pushed against him making it difficult to advance. He looked down to the main deck to see Boots charging toward him. Reaching the officers, Christopher grabbed Mr. Miller’s arm.
“What is it, boy?” Mr. Miller yelled angrily. “Can’t you see we’re busy?”

About the Author:
Stacey R. CampbellStacey R. Campbell lives in the Pacific North West with her husband, three daughters, three dogs, and a pet turtle named Todd. She is a graduate of the University of Washington. At the age of seven Stacey was told that she would never be the writer she dreamed of being because she is dyslexic. Finally Stacey found that she could not look her children in the eyes and tell them that they could be what ever they wanted to be if she did not do the same. Now Stacey can’t stop writing and loves to help children pursue their own dreams. Stacey is the young adult author of Hush, A Lakeview Novel and Whisper, A Lakeview Novel. ARRGH! is Stacey’s first middle grade book.
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