Release Blitz for From Puck to F*ck by M. Lane

Title: From Puck to F*ck
Series: Me to We Collection #1
Author: M. Lane
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Hockey Romance/Fake Relationship
Release Date: March 21, 2024


I accidentally bid on a date with hockey star Rake Hanson, AKA Mr. Puck-Head, at a charity auction.

Now I’m stuck with him.

He’s the poster boy for everything I can’t stand in a guy – sports nut, ego, and that annoying thing called charm.

Some “prize.”

While his grunts and one-word answers threaten to drive me up the wall, at least he’s nice to look at with those broad shoulders, strong jawline, and big… hands. Regardless, he’s an unrepentant grouch. If he ever smiles, I have no doubt his face will crack.

Our date, where I must beam for the cameras and pretend I don’t loathe every second of it, is destined to be a frosty disaster. It goes even worse than I imagine, involving a chartered flight to Vegas, too many cocktails at a roulette table, a wedding chapel, and a couple drunken “I do’s.”

And now his sports agent won’t let me dump his sorry ass until the end of the season.

So I, Petal Parker, am stuck in this bizarro world of stinky jocks, gossip columns, and flashy parties.

But the touches… and the glances… threaten to melt the hard ice around my heart. As the final buzzer of the season nears, I find my fake relationship with Mr. Puck-Head skating dangerously close to scoring the real thing. Ditching my fake husband is suddenly no longer as urgent as his deep, sexy kisses.



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“Hey, Petal. When was the last time you did something completely out of character? Like batshit crazy, unconventional, and spontaneous?”
My mouth opens, then closes again, like a gasping fish.
“Let your hair down, baby,” Rake says.
“It’s already down,” I say.
Truth be told, I don’t do a lot of crazy. But I’m not about to admit that to Rake and his friends. They already think I’m a charity date.
Wendy and Daria are at my side. “You know the saying, ‘when in Vegas,’ right?” Wendy asks, nudging me with a giggle.
“Yes, I’m familiar with it,” I say nervously.
This can’t be happening. My resolve is crumbling. Actually, really crumbling. The tequila shot, and the wine before it, has gone to my head, and I’m really, actually contemplating doing something only a fucking idiot would consider.
That’s me. A fucking idiot.
But I’ve been careful all my life. Made nothing but good decisions.
How often do I get to make such a gloriously bad one?


Releasing June 13



M. Lane is the not-so-stealthy alter ego of USA TODAY bestselling contemporary romance author Mika Lane. She's OBSESSED with bringing you sassy stories with imperfect heroines and the hot dudes they bring to their knees.


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