Release Day Review: Seed of Vex by Capes


Series: Sennenwolf  #2
Genre: Fantasy Romance

“If what comes next destroys me, Samson 714 Afador, then you will be the last living being with any tie to Vex. Swear to me you won’t let it die.”

For eight months, Helisent West of Jaws has laid low, riding out her banishment in the backwaters of Jaws. Farther south, Samson 714 Afador has taken the first steps as Velm’s rightful Male Alpha to claim his throne. The pair are on different paths, separated by a great physical distance, four years of lost memories, and a reborn animosity for the other.

But history has a way of repeating itself.

After hearing of a high-profile kidnapping on the coast, Samson and his pack head to Hypnos. The event occurred on a beach near where his mother disappeared seventeen years ago—and this time, local nymphs are preparing to sail after their lost okeanids. There’s just one catch: Samson’s greatest enemy, Helisent West of Jaws, was also abducted.

Intent on achieving his life’s greatest purpose, Samson isn’t keen on a new adventure—especially one that involves the red witch. Meanwhile, cut loose from all she’s ever known, Helisent is thrown into an unfathomable new world—one that will change her destiny forever.

In Book 2 of the Sennenwolf Series, one sassy red witch and one uptight boy-wolf are back on their bullshit—and they’ll need one another more than ever before if they want to survive this latest adventure.

**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

Seed of Vex is a gripping sequel in the Sennenwolf Series that keeps the momentum going strong. The world-building is top-notch, creating a rich and intricate backdrop without getting confusing. What really stands out is the character development, especially for Helisent, who undergoes some major changes.

There's a host of side characters, but instead of cluttering the story, they add depth to the narrative. Helisent and Samson, an unlikely duo, surprisingly complement each other, adding an interesting dynamic to the plot.

Yes, it's a hefty read, but for a fantasy novel, that's par for the course. This series is unlike anything I've read before—magical, action-packed, and filled with suspense and emotions. The unconventional romance between the main characters adds a unique touch.

I'm eagerly anticipating the next book. There's still so much left for Helisent and Samson to navigate. The inclusion of a recap at the beginning was a thoughtful touch for readers like me who needed a quick reminder of the events from West of Jaws. Overall, Seed of Vex is a solid continuation that keeps the allure of this fantastical world alive and thriving.


Capes is the pseudonym for author TL Adamms.

Capes published her first book, Decagon, in January 2020. She looks to infuse a music festival vibe into adult fantasy fiction. All are welcome. The weirder, the better. Fuck outer space, let’s go to inter space.

Other things Capes likes: when people sing happy birthday to her in public, stuffed animals, real animals, balloons shaped like animals, Hikaru Kusakabe, and fake nails.

Though anonymous, Capes is always available to take comments and receive feedback. She is white. She is queer. She hasn’t worn a bra since 2012. Email is listed below. Sign up for updates.

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