Cover & Excerpt Reveal - THE WILD WITHIN (The Collective Series - Book One) by Gwen Martin


The Collective Series - Book One

by Gwen Martin

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Release Date: December 28, 2023

Cover Design: We Got You Covered Book Design
Photographer: Xram Ragde
Genre: M/M Romance Standalone
Tropes: Brother's best friend, forced proximity, age-gap, hurt/comfort, angst/grief, bi-polar rep., slow burn, found family


“I know you’ve been living in survival mode, but maybe it’s time to accept that you deserve to be loved.”

Duncan Maxwell’s days revolve around helping others, so when his best friend needs Duncan to drive his younger brother around, he doesn’t hesitate to say yes. A little less sleep is an easy price to pay to improve someone else’s life, and many of Chance’s appointments are at The Collective, where he volunteers. It also doesn’t hurt that Chance is charming, funny, and . . . attractive.

Chance’s world spirals into a blur of adjusted medications and support groups and therapy appointments after his recent bipolar diagnosis.

He can’t complain, though, because most people don’t have the support that his brother affords him. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, he focuses on not being a burden and searches for life beyond his diagnosis—maybe even a life with Duncan.

But while Chance struggles to tame the wildness within himself, he watches Duncan silently push himself past the brink of exhaustion. In his desperate attempts to help find balance, has Chance caused Duncan to destroy his own?

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“Sure,” Duncan said, his tone carefree. “Maybe we can raincheck.”

I tried not to show the surprise on my face, but it was too late. “Why?”

Duncan looked at me for a while, his eyes searching. “Why not?”

It was too much to handle. I gritted my teeth, rubbing my molars back and forth, tapping my hands on my thighs. “Look, you’re my brother’s best friend and you’re doing him a favor. There’s no reason to act like you want to hang out with me.”

Duncan leaned closer, and that scent I’d smelled earlier, a heady perfume of earth and flowers surrounded me. My heart rate kicked up, and my lips parted.

“But what if I want to? Would that be alright?” Duncan whispered, like he was sharing a big secret.

Up close, I could see gold flecks in his hazel eyes, the wrinkles that settled at the corners from smiles and laughter. I edged closer, unable to stop myself from watching the way Duncan’s mouth parted, unable to ignore the uptick in my pulse when his breath hitched.

“Sure,” I whispered back.

Duncan leaned away and nodded once.

“Cool,” he said, flicking down his turn signal to head toward the house.

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About the Author

Gwen Martin is from Florida where the sun was always shining, and the humidity is always high. In 2020 she and her partner moved to Knoxville for a change of scenery with their five cats, and a whole lot of dreams.

Writing came to her at a young age, where she scribbled stories instead of paying attention to math lessons. She spent many years in fandom, exploring her writing opportunities before deciding to take the dive into self-publishing.

Gwen has a strong love affair with cold brew coffee, black cats, and nerding out in a variety of fandoms. When she’s not writing, she’s reading everything she can get her hands on, crocheting compulsively while listening horror gamer playthroughs,and vibing to spotify playlists for inspiration. And best of all, loving the best creatures on earth—her harem of gatos.

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