Cover Reveal - Double Cross My Heart by Quirah Casey

Double Cross My Heart
Quirah Casey
Publication date: July 15th 2024
Genres: Adult, Dark Romance, Reverse Harem, Romance

Double cross my heart… and hope to survive.

I’m known as the architect.

But not even I could fix the damage the piton gang threatens to do to the structure of my barricaded heart.

The piton gang is a faceless enigma. Or at least they were until they kidnapped me. When they make me an offer I can’t refuse, I find myself thrown into their world.

It’s simple, we’ll help each other take my father down. We’ll steal his fortune and then we’ll part ways.

At least that’s what they think. They aren’t aware that I plan on double crossing them. Because after being betrayed one too many times I know it’s me versus the world.

Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.
But as I find myself in the clutches of the three most tempting men I’ve ever met, suddenly my plans are thrown out the window.

Double Cross My Heart is a standalone reverse harem romance with a fierce heroine and a trio made up of temptation and deceit.


Author Bio:

Quirah is still a new author, but not new to writing. She has been writing since the first grade, and has been winning awards since kindergarten, when she told her teacher about her trip to Chicago. Her teacher wrote down the story for her and she won the young authors contest at 5 years old! Quirah plans on working hard in the next couple of years to publish as many books as possible from her chöąts world.

In the meantime, catch up and follow Quirah online at the following links below.

Quirah’s Reader Group / Book Cover Group / Facebook Author Page / Goodreads / Twitter / Instagram

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