Cover Reveal - WEST OF WONDERLAND by Alexis Rey



Alexis Rey is so excited to announce WEST OF WONDERLAND, coming November 6th!


West used to know exactly who he was and exactly what he's doing. He was the master of his craft until he met the woman who turned his world on its upside down. One fateful misstep, and he is left a mere echo of his former self, adrift and yearning for something he cannot quite put into words.

Kara has always suspected she needed more than the ordinary. West was the only man who managed show her a glimpse of a world beyond, but he pushed her away in the most unforgivable of ways. 

Time should heal all wounds, but when Kara, ready to forgive, returns to find West, she discovers a transformed man, his gruff dominance replaced by something deeper, something vulnerable.

Can the fire within him be rekindled, or is it too late for them to heal?


Check out the gorgeous new story in the Wonderland saga, and start the series for free today! 

West of Wonderland:



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