COVER REVEAL - Girl of Asture by Keeley Holmes

Girl of Asture
Keeley Holmes
Publication date: June 2nd 2023
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult

My world controls when I can use my wings.

They control everything.

I’ve always felt trapped by the Order in Asture.

Quite literally.

You can’t escape unless you fly, or you defy. There’s no way out of this nightmare, not one without losing my family and everyone I love. I must follow the rules, align to their expectations. Time is running out. The constraints of the Order are pushing me in a direction I’ve always felt I would fight against. My rescue comes in a unique form.

An Otherworlder.

Ironically, the cage I hate so much is the only way I can see him. It’s our only way to be together.

To change the way of Asture, one must overthrow those who rule, but I’m not sure my level of rebellion and trickery can save everyone from the way of life enforced upon us.

Author Bio:

Bestselling author of The Serendipity Series and The Three Sisters Trilogy.
When Keeley isn't writing romantic comedies, you will find her studying and writing college assignments, preparing herself to become a counsellor.
She might, if she can carve out the time, spend time with her fiance, go for walks with their seven-year-old Morkie, Darby, and watching films.

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