Release Blitz for Falling for the Recluse by Liv Prescott

Title: Falling for the Recluse
Author: Liv Prescott
Genre: Steamy/Dirty Romance
Release Date: March 20, 2023


When Josie Bennett is selected for a once-in-a-lifetime undergraduate penguin research opportunity on an isolated island in Antarctica, she can’t believe her luck. The one catch is she’ll need to room with renowned ice scientist Dr. Gavin Stark—the reclusive, famously bad-tempered glaciologist called the “Ice Prick” by, well, everyone. As if she'd let something like that stop her. This is her dream internship, and the man can't possibly be that bad...

Turns out, he’s worse.

When Gavin finds out he has to mentor a bright-eyed college girl he already knows is too damn sweet for his inhospitable surroundings (and personality), he can’t believe his luck. Cranky is his default for a reason, and all his pain-filled memories are simply a reminder of why he can’t be around, well, anybody. Especially not a hard-working ray of sunshine who’s as smart as she is scrappy.

And ten times cuter than he was dreading…

How’s a man like him supposed to deal with that kind of incessant warmth every day--or the inexplicable, inescapable chemistry that soon has them burning up the sheets every night? Worse, what the hell is he supposed to do when all that heat and warmth is gone from his life after Josie’s internship comes to an end?

Note: This is a standalone steamy short between a hardened grump and the one woman who somehow cracks his icy exterior by being nothing he expects, and everything he’s not. It’s all the HOT insta-fun sparks, yummy tension, and falling-hard-and-fast swoon for the busy reader looking for some quick & dirty schmexy good times, with a sweet, feel-good HEA to boot. Enjoy!



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Liv Prescott writes short, sexy stories about intense heroes who fall hard and fast for heroines who couldn’t be more off-limits. They are alphaliciously protective, with their own gruff brand of romance, while their heroines are unapologetic experts at pushing all their buttons. Every swoony book comes with instant sparks, inescapable chemistry, downright dirty banter, and HOT steamy goodness throughout. Feel-good happily-ever-afters are a must, along with fun epilogue(s) to leave readers smiling.

Liv is the alter ego of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nina Lane, who needed a new outlet for her quick, hot story ideas. When she's not diving deep into her smutty imagination, Liv reads, travels, scrapbooks, and hangs out with her family.


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