A. Akinosho has revealed the cover for Collide!

Releasing May 5, 2023

His goal is to take her from her fiancé.
Her goal is to stay loyal to her fiancé.


I'm a confirmed bachelor that's sworn off marriage. My life is perfect until she clings to me in a chaotic restaurant. Minutes later, I watched as another man put a ring on her finger. 
I don't care if I must break her engagement to get her. It's simple. I want her. I'm the guy that gets whatever I want, so getting her should be easy.
Then, I find out that I either: Marry her or Walk away.
Can I walk away and watch her marry the fiancé? Hell no!


He's a rich confirmed bachelor. Our paths would have never crossed had I not been knocked on my ass in a restaurant and I cling to him. I thanked him for helping me and went my merry way, accepting my fiancé's proposal minutes after.
Days later, I find myself working in his home, now I see him every day. I'm drawn to him like a moth to a flame. I just need to remind myself of three things every day.
I am engaged.
I can't break my engagement.
I must keep my vow.
Long as I mantra all three daily, it should be easy-peasy working for him, right?

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Meet A. Akinosho

A. Akinosho lives in her own little nest in Illinois. An avid reader and enjoy reading thrillers, suspense and romance novels (partial to romance genre). When, She's not reading or keeping up with life. She enjoys writing and creating twist to stories. She loves writing about diverse characters, friendship and overcoming challenges through, what is perceived as a weakness. 
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