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The Galentine's Chronicles
Genre: Romance Novellas

Valentine's Day? This group of single besties hasn't celebrated since, well...they don't want to talk about that. But this year looks a whole lot different. Thanks to a bottle of wine and a ridiculous Galentine's Day pact, they're conquering their fears, one outlandish adventure at a time. Love wasn't supposed to be in the cards, but they'll tumble headlong into it anyway when they meet the men of their dreams in the last places they expected.

Seven of your favorite instalove authors are taking you on a rom-com adventure to remember this Galentine's Day. Buckle up. These feisty heroines are going down in infamy!


One pact plus my brother’s best friend equals a Galentine’s Day I won’t ever forget.

I always listen to my gut. I just don’t always do what it says. Like the other night during the chat I had with my besties. My gut screamed at me not to agree to the pact. I heard it, loud and clear. Then I gulped down the rest of my wine and told everyone I was in. I even said I’d let one of my volunteers at the big animal rescue fix me up on a date. Clearly, the merlot is to blame. Now I’ve got to figure out how to fake a blind date or they’ll hold this over me for years.

Every time I come to town, my aunt tries to set me up with one of her friends. For years, I’ve made excuses, but being a single dad gets pretty lonely and this time I could actually use a plus one. How was I to know the curvy brunette she had in mind is my childhood best friend’s little sister? The one I taunted and teased. The one I ached for and have dreamed about for years. She doesn’t know it yet, but before the night is through, I’ll do whatever it takes to make this curvy, cheeky, charmer mine, all mine.



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Unlike my group of friends, I don’t have just one fear to conquer. I have a laundry list of phobias. Spiders, confined places, the color orange (don’t ask), flying, traveling alone… and the massive, inked, bearded, giant who’s my seat partner to Las Vegas. I don’t expect the ridiculously attractive stranger to be gentle or to hold my hand through turbulence. I certainly don’t expect to wake up the following morning with a wedding band tatted on my left ring finger snuggled up to a shirtless, pantsless Ian Miller. Oh dear…


The minute the luscious curvy redhead peeks up at me with her freckled face and sparkling green eyes, I’m a goner. Cleary Decker is the most innocent, sweet beauty I’ve ever seen and I know without a doubt, she’s meant to be mine. So when she assumes we got married, I run with it. I’ll get her to fall in love with me before I have to tell her the truth. Then I really will make the feisty bombshell my wife. Oh yeah…

If you love over-the-top heroes who fall hard and fast and curvy, awkward bookworms getting swept off their feet, then Hot Mess Wedding is for you!



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I’m popping bonbons and riding the high of securing the lease on my jewelry boutique off Main Street when I make a Galentine’s Day pact with my girlfriends. Fueled by a sugar high and bravado, I promise to step out of my comfort zone and book myself a life-drawing portrait. The thought of wearing nothing but my handmade jewelry and hanging the finished product on my bedroom wall makes me feel strong, sexy, and empowered. All my life, I’ve let other people define how I see myself but not anymore. Or so I tell myself. Because … getting naked? In front of a stranger? It's a lot. Especially when the artist turns out to be Bentley Cormack, my one true love and the man who left me behind . . .


I never thought I’d return to Garland, but when I’m offered a stupid amount of money for a short-term residency at the local university, I can’t turn it down. Five years in the city have drained me, and I need a change of scenery. It doesn’t mean I’m home for good. It’s temporary. One semester, max. I’ll teach a class or two and use the rest of my time to reconnect with my art. But on my first night in the studio, my plans are rocked. The shapely woman undressing in my studio is none other than my best friend’s not-so-little younger sister. In all the time I’ve been away, I never forgot Gemma. I’ve dreamed of the day when I’d be worthy enough to draw her in all her curvy glory. Can Gem and I overcome the past, or will the tragedy that drove me from Garland continue to keep us apart?



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Too much wine and book club text chats are asking for trouble!

Especially when everyone in the chat is single and Valentine’s Day is looming over us like a neon sign to remind us of how alone we are. But then something happens, one of the girl’s suggests we do something out of our comfort zone for the hearts and flowers driven holiday.

Something just for ourselves.

In theory, it sounds great! In a stroke of drunk brilliance, I schedule a boudoir photo shoot. I book the photographer, flight and hotel in order not to chicken out.

Then he walks in. The most handsome man I have ever seen.

And most definitely not the photographer. Not that I let on as he pretends to know what he’s doing. He might not know what to do behind the lens, but he’s most definitely hands on.

I might have been the one to bare it all in a moment while the camera clicked away but once the weekend is over, will we be risking it all when it comes to our hearts?



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I swear this is the last time I will ever let my friends get me into trouble. When we made a pact to conquer our greatest fears, I never thought it would land me on a stage, in a real live, honest to goodness Las Vegas strip club, wearing a freaking teeny tiny scrap of materials. Oh, this is so bad. I have all the grace and elegance of a drunken wildebeest when I attempt to dance, and I’m about to do a striptease in front of a room full of drunk men. Make that mobsters.

Leave it to me to stumble into the middle of an organized crime convention. Oh my. My vacation has taken a turn for the unimaginable. I’m definitely in trouble here.


One look at the curvy little angel on stage and I immediately know two things. Make that three things. One, she's never removed her clothes in front of a room full of men. Two, there's no way I'm letting her strip tonight. And most importantly, after I spank my little soulmate, I'm going to lay down the law—No stripping, no other men, and no running around in little slips of nothing, letting other men see my property.

Marco Dean has his work cut out for him when he decides to make Tabitha his. The stubborn little miss is going to give the big bad mob boss a run for his money.

If you like billionaire, mob boss, curvy girl, older man, and younger woman romance, this Loni Ree short instalove is the book for you!



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Falling for her grumpy mountain man boss was not part of this sunshiney hot mess's plans for Galentine's Day.

Welcome to Winthrop, WA. Population: Screwed.
When I answered Deacon Cromwell's ad for an assistant, roughing it with a mountain man was not what I had in mind.
But I'll give anything a shot. Just so long as it doesn't shoot back.
When my grumpy new boss finds out he hired...well, me...all bets are off.
He's way too hot to handle.
And I'm dying to be handled.
If we don't kill each other first.
I mean, accidents happen in the wild all the time, right?!

When I placed an ad for an assistant, I expected someone who knew about life in the mountains.
Instead, I got saddled with the prettiest little mess I've ever met.
Cordelia's mouth never stops moving, and the only thing hotter than that pink hair is her temper.
I have no business putting my filthy hands all over her, but she’s itching for someone to settle her down.
And it damn sure won't be anyone but me.
This hot mess is mine to tame.



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Releasing February 15

♥ Can a passionate conservationist and a powerful property developer put their differences aside while they do community service? Sparks fly in this sizzling, humorous, enemies-turned-lovers romance. ♥


I am trying to save the forest when I get stuck in a tree hanging a protest sign. A handsome stranger helps me and sparks start to fly— until the police arrest us for trespassing. Getting a criminal record would mean losing my job, plus the respect of everyone I know.

On the way to the police station, he wraps his arms around me protectively. The warmth of his lips brushing mine will always be seared into my memory. He offers an irresistible solution, but what do I do when I find out the man I’m falling for is my enemy? Is the passion between us a battle for control or something more?


Peyton is wild at heart, and I'm obsessed with her from the moment we met. Her passionate and ethical nature makes her my ideal woman. Unfortunately, I must hide my identity to help get her out of trouble. Lying to her is tearing me apart, but it's the only way to protect her.

Because of my job, she mistakenly believes I embody corporate greed. We have more in common than she realizes, and volunteering will give me the time I need to prove we belong together. I will do everything to win her heart and make her mine.

If you love billionaire, curvy girl, older man, and younger woman romance, ‘Wild at heart’ is the perfect short instalove romance. No cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed steamy sweet happily ever after in this over-the-top fast-burn romance.



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