Release Day Review: West of Jaws by Capes

Series: Sennenwolf  #1
Genre: Fantasy Romance

"The only thing dumber than convincing the imminent Male Alpha of Velm to help me find Oko would be falling in love with him along the way."

Helisent West of Jaws, a witch, and Samson 714 Afador, a wolf, don't have much in common.
He's in line to become the Male Alpha of Velm, she's a red witch with a questionable relationship to brandy. But that doesn't matter. They don't need to get along when they strike up a partnership to hunt down Oko, a mutual enemy.

All they need to do is survive a trip to Skull, the City of Ghosts… and then a run-in with a filthy bloodsucker, a prophecy-wielding selkie, a pack of wolves, and an irate phoenix.
As each hurdle brings Helisent and Samson closer to finding Oko, their discoveries begin to point to a single conclusion—one that will destroy the trust they've placed in each other and change their world forever.

West of Jaws is an adult romantasy from indie author Capes. Think: Sex and the City meets The Witcher.

**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

When I read the blurb of West of Jaws I didn't know what to expect but I was very intrigued. I am happy to announce that I really enjoyed this book. I loved that the author dropped me right into the story instead of giving long background information about the world she created for this series. Because the first couple of chapters are very important in grabbing the reader's attention, and the author did a great job with that for this book. The main characters are "Helisent West of Jaws, a witch, and Samson 714 Afador, a wolf. He's in line to become the Male Alpha of Velm, she's a red witch with a questionable relationship to brandy." Both were unique imperfect characters.

Helisent didn't come across as very likable but I got used to her attitude and eventually understood why she was the way she was. Samson is more obedient in comparison to Helisent but I enjoyed seeing him become more rebellious further down the story. I ended up loving both of them and a couple of the awesome side characters. The character development was amazing, and I loved seeing Helisent and Samson going from strangers to friends to lovers. I appreciate the author taking the time to really show the growth they went through as friends/lovers and as individuals. This book was very fun and kept me interested from the start. It also had emotional, romantic, and action scenes. I love the world and characters the author Capes has created and I can't wait for the next book in the series.


Capes is the pseudonym for author TL Adamms.

Capes published her first book, Decagon, in January 2020. She looks to infuse a music festival vibe into adult fantasy fiction. All are welcome. The weirder, the better. Fuck outer space, let’s go to inter space.

Other things Capes likes: when people sing happy birthday to her in public, stuffed animals, real animals, balloons shaped like animals, Hikaru Kusakabe, and fake nails.

Though anonymous, Capes is always available to take comments and receive feedback. She is white. She is queer. She hasn’t worn a bra since 2012. Email is listed below. Sign up for updates.

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