Excerpt Reveal - CURSE OF THE SHADOWS by M.A. Lee

M.A. Lee is sharing a gorgeous excerpt from her upcoming Curse of the Shadows! Check out the paranormal romance and be sure to pre-order your copy today!

Title: Curse of the Shadows

Author: M.A. Lee

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Date: February 16th

About Curse of the Shadows:

Dangerously passionate, dark, and delicious– fall into a magical world full of heated desires and thrilling romance.   

Taylor Bordeaux has spent centuries searching for a woman who he could finally make his Vampire Queen. He's arrogant, gorgeous, and used to getting what he wants. However, he would rather walk right out into the sunlight than date any more of Stone Mountains' eligible women.   

When Brooke Fairchild inherits her great aunt's manor, she finds herself in a whirlwind of trouble. Deceiving family members want the inheritance and estate left to her, and Brooke is almost ready to hand them over the fortune until she stumbles into the enchanting Taylor…in a graveyard…   

When Taylor discovers that Brooke is now the owner of the magical estate he wishes to purchase, he is drawn to the beauty and peace that Taylor exudes. She's exactly what he's been looking for, except she's far too innocent to be part of his world. And, she has no idea the secrets plaguing her own lineage. Dangers lurk in the shadows, ready and willing to take everything from Brooke– even her life.   So, Taylor offers Brooke protection as dangerous supernaturals are after the estate. Brooke can't seem to say no to the infuriatingly handsome and charming man. 

With each moment they spend together, a sensual desire awakens deep inside both of them. Neither can fight the urges and with each touch they share, new dangers begin to emerge.   

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“What can I do to make you believe me?” He was desperate and I could hear it in his tone. I looked up at him, my shadowed eyes meeting his. “Tell me everything,” was all I said. He laughed shortly, without humor, and saw me flinch. “Everything? What do you need to know?” he asked. “You’re strong,” I said, my eyes on his arms, his hands. My gaze lifted upward to meet his. “And quick.” Technically, they weren’t questions, but statements that I had witnessed and needed him to admit. “Stronger than a human,” he said, with a deliberate emphasis on the last word. Why didn’t I cringe from him now, why didn’t I look at him with the loathing he had seen before? Because he didn’t care what I thought any longer. “My reflexes are faster, and I’m more resilient. I have to be. I’m a hunter,” he said harshly. Oh, he still cared what I thought, all right. Were we playing a game? If we were, was I losing? “You can eat and drink. . . other things?” I asked. “I don’t need to,” he said quietly, feeling weary and subdued. “I don’t need anything else.” He whipped around suddenly and I felt a fiery intensity rise in him again. “You said I was quick—but that’s just what I’m not. Have you ever heard the saying ‘the quick and the dead,’ Brooke? Quick means living; it means those who have life. I’m the other half.” He could see that I was trembling. But my voice was calm, and my eyes never left his. “Tell me,” I said again. “Taylor, I have a right to know. “ “Yes, I suppose you do,” his voice was tired and hard. He stared at the floor for a few heartbeats and then looked back at me and spoke flatly. “I was born in the late fifteenth century. Do you believe that?” “Yes,” I said softly. “Yes, I believe it.” “And you want to know more? How I came to be what I am?” I nodded. How could he tell me? He, who I knew had avoided my questions, who had become such an expert at hiding and deceiving. “There was only one way for us to be together, Taylor, only one way for you to gain my trust, you must tell the absolute truth, concealing nothing.” “I guess it's far time we spoke of this,” he sighed. “Look at me, Brooke. Look into my eyes. Do not be afraid of me. You have nothing to fear from me.” He took my hands in his, and looked deeply into my eyes. “I would never hurt you, my beloved one. I am a creature of the night…I am Nosferatu. I am a Vampire…” he said slowly, calmly, letting what he’d said sink in. “Do you know what I am insinuating? What I am trying to tell you?” My breath caught. My eyes grew wide and my heart throbbed a mad tune of fright. And my suspicions were darkening, as Taylor’s strange ways and mysterious past were starting to reveal themselves…and now my sixth sense was screaming that he possessed supernatural powers, and possible murderous intentions.

About the Author:

M.A. Lee is a dark and forbidden romance author with a flare for creating dangerously brooding and tempting book boyfriends. She resides in a small, Kentucky town with her family and fur babies.    

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