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GAUGE: Ride or Die #3 

The Devil’s Highwaymen

Gauge, sergeant-at-arms for the Devil’s Highwaymen, lives his life for his one and only love–his club. But when the little sister of fellow club member Dominique Durrand crashes into his life, everything Gauge knows changes…for the worst.

Jolie is strong and independent, living her life to extremes, and unafraid of anyone—especially her brother's biker friends. She wants nothing to do with the club, and definitely nothing to do with that kind of life. And the tattooed jerk that somehow keeps crossing her path? Well, he can just take a one-way ride straight to hell.

Gauge is cocky and self-assured. He’s used to getting anything and anyone he wants. However, she’s the one woman he’s not allowed to go near; she’s much too young and completely off limits for a man like him. Not to mention every time their paths cross she almost gets him killed.

They are everything the other loathes, but also everything they desire… they just don’t realize it yet.

When Jolie makes a mistake that could cost her life, the only person to come to her aid is the very man she hates so much. Jolie is coerced into the world she detests, and both she and Gauge are forced into hiding together until the club can find the people responsible before it’s too late.

Matches and gasoline are supposedly the best accelerants, but when Gauge and Jolie are thrown together with no distractions and no escape, they discover the most flammable substance is hate. And the flames of their hatred are even more potent than they realized.

Because their hatred will burn everything, and everyone, to the ground with them.

GAUGE: is book 3 in the Ride or Die Devil’s Highwaymen MC series. Each book can be read as a complete standalone, but these men are best enjoyed to excess.

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I always took care of what was mine.

That’s the way I was taught, from both my brother and Jon. I turned to Dom. “I’m serious. You don’t know when that shit can be taken away.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he replied, taking a swig of his beer. He sighed and put his bottle down. “Look at you all wise and shit.”

I smirked. “I know, right.”

“Must be because you’re getting old,” Dom smirked back and started to walk away.

“I’m not fuckin’ old, brother, I’m wise. There’s a difference!” I called after him.

He stopped in the doorway of the clubhouse and looked back at me. “Is that so?”


“Well, Jolie ain’t wise. Girl doesn’t know what’s good for her.”

I scowled at him, but Dom just shook his head. “Stay away from my sister, Gauge. She’s too young and too damn crazy for you.” And then he turned and left.

I shook my head and looked around the room. Most people weren’t paying any attention, but Crank sure as hell was. He laughed and turned back to Sketch.

“Fuckin’ women,” I groaned as I lit a cigarette and thought about Jolie’s soft skin under the palm of my hand.

Shooter sat down next to me. First time he’d been out of his office in hours. He grabbed the bottle of whisky, not waiting for Devlin to serve it in a glass, and he took a long drink of it. Her eyes widened and I gestured for her to fuck off for a while.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“When is shit ever okay, Gauge?” he replied and slammed the bottle back down.



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