Cover Reveal - Rewrite the Rules by Kay Cove

Rewrite the Rules by Kay Cove is the second book in her standalone romance series, and we’re so excited to share the cover with you!

Title: Rewrite the Rules

Author: Kay Cove

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: September 15th

About Rewrite the Rules:

Adler Haley writes great sex…just not under her name. And certainly not about her experiences—or lack thereof. There’s no safer place to express herself than behind the obscurity of ghostwriting romance novels. By day, Adler’s perfectly content to blend in at her boring nine-to-five as an executive assistant. At least until she meets Joel—her new boss who has her wondering if love at first sight is more than just fiction.

   Joel Lewis is convinced that relationships bring out the bad in people. And marriage? The worst. Ask his parents. His siblings. And his ex-girlfriend. Needing a fresh start, Joel trades the Big Apple to take the helm at a struggling venture capitalist firm in Denver. After meeting his new assistant, he has to work overtime to fight his feelings and adhere to the no-relationships policy he’s instated for his life.   Armed with The F-Buddy Rules for Survival, a clever set of guidelines designed to keep their friendship fun and fun only, Adler and Joel find themselves whisked into the most entertaining ‘situationship’of their lives. But it’s not long before Adler discovers a major issue with the rules—they weren’t meant to protect her from falling in love. They were only ever meant to keep Joel from finding out.   

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“Adler, come on. It’s not like that.” He trails behind me, easily catching me with his long stride. I spin around. My hair fans out before curling around my neck. “Please don’t patroni—” He grabs my wrists and yanks me into the hard wall of his chest while pressing his large hand firmly against the small of my back, locking me against him. His cool, smooth lips brush against my ear. “It’s not like that.” His low grumble of a whisper sends a bristly chill down my neck. “I don’t want you to feel upset again.” “Then what do you want?” “What I want is to take my shirt back right here, right now, and show you how I really feel about you. I’d erase all that self-doubt bouncing around in your head by worshipping your body all night.” My mouth falls open and makes an audible pop when I quickly force my lips back together. Did I daydream so hard that it literally came into fruition? I’m going to start dreaming about a gazillion dollars tomorrow. My wishes for this evening are spent. “Um...” Be brave, Adler. Follow the feeling. I rise onto my tippy toes which doesn’t do much in these boots. I’m already as tall as I can be and Joel still towers over me. I wrap my hand around his neck and pause for a moment, giving him a final opportunity to stop me. He doesn’t take it. Instead, he follows my lead and leans down so his lips meet mine. He smothers my body with his, wrapping me in the delicious smell of his cologne. It’s so familiar, like I recognize it from a dream. His hand flies to the back of my head, weaving in my hair as he holds my face against his. He presses deeper. His tongue unleashes. I eagerly part my lips to let him taste me. This tug. This pang. This swoop. This singe. Yes. Joel’s other hand drifts south from the small of my back to my backside. His hand is as greedy as his tongue. It dips even lower and he plays with the tail of his shirt on me, sneaking under it so he can feel the bare skin of my rear. The night air is ice but his hands are on fire. I suspend between the two sensations in perfect balance. I melt right into him. I want more. There’s no overanalyzing his lips, his hands, or the feel of his stubble against my cheek. I borrow his breath and then I send it right back as I let a small moan escape my mouth onto his lips. The gears turn in perfect tandem and I click right into place in Joel’s arms, where I think I belong. “Jokes aside—do you want to come up?” I’m breathless as I reluctantly break our kiss. My heart is racing out of control. “Adler…” Joel hangs his head. “Believe me, I want to. So bad. But I told you, I’m not looking for a relationship.” “I just asked if you wanted to come up. I didn’t exactly profess my love to you.” Am I begging? New low, Adler. New low! Joel grabs the tips of my fingers and squeezes them one by one, tenderly. “Please understand that I mean this as a compliment. I know enough about you by now to say you deserve so much more than what I can give you. Can we just be friends?”

About the Author:

Kay Cove writes contemporary romance novels that are sweet and steamy. She loves strong and witty heroines that aren’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with an alpha hero. Her favorite writing weapon of choice? Banter.   Born in Colorado Springs, but raised all over (thanks military!), Kay Cove loves hiking on snow-capped mountains, blowing raspberries on her sons’ super pudgy baby bellies, and heated debates with her husband about topics such as the difference between turtles and tortoises, Marvel trivia, and most importantly—who misplaced the remote.   Kay, a former HR professional (survivor), startup junkie, and former CEO of the teeniest, tiniest virtual assistant company, has been writing pretty much forever. She finally decided at age thirty to start writing the stories she loves to read and to actually share the novels she poured countless hours, tears, sweat, and coffee into.   

Connect with the Author:

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