Release Day Review: Wolf in the Shadows by Maria Vale

Series: The Legend of All Wolves #5

A wolf shifter hero with a haunted past
A shifter heroine with a lot to learn about being part of the Pack
Dark secrets that could destroy everything they love
Fantasy-level world building and epic romance-the new werewolf standard

Shifter Julia Martel has been spoiled and pampered by all the alpha males around her whose urge to protect her have left her uninformed and vulnerable. Now the Great North Pack has relegated Julia to the care of the wolf at the very bottom of the Pack hierarchy, Arthur Graysson. Julia wants nothing to do with the Pack, except to escape back to her life of luxury and idleness, but the more time she spends with Arthur, the more she learns about the Pack, the dark secrets Arthur carries with him, and the fierceness within herself that could save them all...

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**ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

I am very sad that Wolf in the Shadows is the last book in the Legends of All Wolves series. Maria Vale has created a very original and intriguing world and characters. I have been invested in this series from the start which was four years ago. Arthur was a wolf that I wanted to know more about and I was pretty excited when I saw that this book was his. I had my doubts about the leading lady Julia, but Maria did a great job with her character development. This book was suspenseful, funny, sad, and romantic. The story warmed my heart and I loved how everything developed. I loved seeing what all the characters from previous books were up to.

Arthur and Julia didn't make sense together in the beginning, but throughout the book, I saw how perfect they were for each other. I especially loved the growth Julia went through in this book. When we were first introduced to her she was a spoiled brat but she became an incredible shifter in this book. She finally became the person she was meant to be with the help of Arthur and the pack. The transformation was amazing! I am going to miss the world Maria Vale has created. There is just no series out there that has the wilderness of the wolves in this one. There were brutal moments but they just made perfect sense. One thing that was missing was an epilogue, I would've loved to see what all the characters were up to in the future. I love Maria's writing and can't wait to see what amazing stories and characters she will come up with next.


MARIA VALE is a journalist who has worked for Publishers Weekly, Glamour magazine, Redbook, the Philadelphia Inquirer. She is a logophile and a bibliovore and a worrier about the world. Trained as a medievalist, she tries to shoehorn the language of Beowulf into things that don't really need it. She lives with her husband and two sons in New York.

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