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Bittersweet Memories, an all-new sensual and addictive forbidden billionaire standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author Catharina Maura is available now!

When her boyfriend breaks her heart Alanna goes after his older brother in a quest for revenge.

It should have been simple, until she finds out he's her new boss.

As they work together it soon becomes clear, Silas knows more about her than he should.

Including the past she's forgotten and the memories that evade her...and some secrets are better left buried.

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“What happened tonight, Alanna?” he asks, turning back to me.
I shake my head. “Same old,” I whisper. “Dad has been working, and I don’t think he even realizes it’s my birthday today. I didn’t say anything, because I don’t want him to feel guilty, you know? Even if he does come home now, my night is ruined, so there was no point.”
He nods. “Come on, birthday girl. There’s somewhere I’ve been meaning to take you. I didn’t think I’d actually be able to do it on your birthday, but I guess it’s my lucky day.”
I frown, and Silas smirks at me as he puts a location into my navigation system. “Where are we going?”
He shakes his head. “You’ll see. It’s a surprise.”
I smile as I follow the directions, curious. I drive down one windy road after another, until Silas tells me to park on the side of a dirt road. “Where are we?”
“Let me show you.”
He gets out and walks around the car to open my door for me. Silas offers me his hand, and my heart races as I place mine in his. He entwines our fingers as he pulls me along, frowning when he realizes that my heels are sinking into the grassy grounds.
He bends down slightly, and before I realize what he’s doing, I’m lifted off the ground and into his arms. He holds me close, his eyes briefly running over my body. I could’ve sworn I saw a flash of desire in them, but then it’s gone, and he’s striding forward with me in his arms. “What are you doing?” I whisper. “You don’t need to carry me.”
He shakes his head. “It’s a bit of a walk.”
I tighten my grip on him, reveling in his proximity. I allow myself to drink him in shamelessly, taking in his long lashes, the stubble on his skin, his strong jaw. His body feels strong against mine, his grip tight. I’ve never been this close to a guy before. “This is a first for me,” I whisper.
Silas looks at me and blinks in confusion.
“It’s the first time a boy has carried me in his arms like this.”
Silas chuckles and tightens his grip on me, his eyes on mine. “I’m no boy, Alanna,” he says, his voice soft and sexy.
“Oh no,” I whisper. “Does this count as putting myself in a dangerous situation?”
Silas smirks, and my heart skips a beat. It’s a lazy, intimate smirk, and it’s all for me. “Damn right it does, baby. Don’t you ever find yourself in another man’s arms like this, late at night with no one else around. No one but me.”
“Just you, Silas,” I whisper.
He stops walking, his eyes on mine, and I wonder if he can see me blushing in the darkness. “We’re here,” he says, but he doesn’t put me down.
I’m so mesmerized by his beautiful emerald eyes that I struggle to tear my gaze away. When I eventually manage it, I find us standing underneath a beautiful pink blossom tree. “Wow,” I whisper. The air feels fresh, and the breeze carries a soft floral scent. This place feels magical. I glance around, my eyes settling on the stone cottage behind us.
“Silas,” I whisper. “Are we trespassing?”
He smiles as he puts me down and places his hands on my shoulders. “Yes, I suppose we are.” Silas has always kept his distance from me, but tonight feels different. “Happy birthday, Alanna,” he murmurs.
He lets go of me and reaches into his back pocket, taking out a pink envelope. He holds it in both hands, his gaze downcast. Silas inhales deeply, and when he looks up at me, my heart starts to race. I’ve never seen him look at me like that before. His eyes are filled with every feeling I try so hard to hide.
“Alanna, there isn’t much I can offer you other than my friendship… but I’ve learned the hard way that the most precious things in life truly are free. Maybe someday, I’ll be able to give you diamonds and expensive flowers, but for now, please accept this.”
He hands me the envelope, and I take it with trembling hands. My heart is racing as I open the envelope carefully, not wanting to tear it open. Silas shifts his weight from one leg to the other, seemingly just as nervous as I am.
I gasp when I slide a birthday card out of the envelope, a portrait of me on it… except the girl in the drawing looks nothing like me… she’s far more beautiful than I ever hope to be. “Did you draw this?” I ask, shocked.
Silas nods and looks away. I’ve never seen him look so vulnerable before. “It’s beautiful,” I whisper. I open the card, taking in the simple birthday message in his handwriting. Instead of his name, it’s signed with the ψ symbol. “I love it, Silas.” My voice trembles, and I hug the card to my chest.
“This… thank you. Thank you so much, Si. I don’t need expensive flowers or diamonds, Si. Nothing could ever beat this.”

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