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Narrated by Mikaela Del Rey

Either this would be the biggest mistake of her life, or it could turn out to be the best decision Paige ever made...

Literacy Fiction

Kindle Unlimited:❌


Finn is a dedicated military man with a complicated past. A history of loss compounded by PTSD leave him struggling to form valuable relationships and harming the ones he has.

When his mother is diagnosed with a terminal illness, the fear of loss grips him even harder. Things couldn’t possibly get any worse – until his father is diagnosed with dementia.

Finn struggles to care for his father, attempting to rebuild the fragile relationship Finn wished they had when he was younger. But watching the man who raised you slip away before your eyes is an especially difficult kind of loss to process, leaving Finn more guarded than ever.

Enter Ainsley, the cheerful Irish nurse caring for Finn’s father. While his father’s health deteriorates, Ainsley becomes the one person who insists on tearing down Finn’s emotional walls.

Will Finn’s fear of loss cause him to lose everything? Can beauty be birthed from immeasurable pain? Will Finn learn that you lose most when you don’t allow yourself to love?

Follow his heartbreaking and uplifting journey through pain, loss, grief, and his attempt to find love.

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