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HER HERO by Quinn Marlow is coming May 24th! Check out the gorgeous cover and be sure to pre-order today!

Title: Her Hero

Author: Quinn Marlow

Genre: Mafia Romance

Release Date: May 24th

About Her Hero:

When my father put me in charge of kidnapping Sloane Brennan—the girl who was once my best friend—I thought I could handle it. After all, the plan was pretty simple. Shove her into a plane, take her to Italy, hand her off to someone else.   Ignore the things she made me feel every time we got too close to each other. Ignore the spark that had my body humming with hot, throbbing need for her. Ignore the burning desire to make her mine and murder anyone else who even thought about getting too close.   No problem.   But I didn’t count on the mission getting complicated. I didn’t count on the man who was supposed to hold Sloane taking another contract and deciding he didn’t need Sloane alive after all.   Now we’re running from the man my father told me to trust, and heading for a city where we’re going to be the hunted. I turned on my family’s contact. Sloane still has a price on her head.   Our only allies are each other, and I don’t know if I can get us out of this one. I don’t even know if I can contact my family—or who the hell is hunting us.   I don’t know anything except that I won’t let them have Sloane. Not even if it costs me my life.   I never thought I’d be calling her my partner in crime again, and I sure as hell didn’t count on having to play hero. But here we are.   And this time, I’m playing for keeps.   

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About the Author:

Quinn Marlowe is a fan of red wine, cheesecake, perfect hash browns, and really good punk rock. She’s also obsessed with everything piratical—though she refuses to acknowledge any actual connection to pirates. She studied English and Film at UCLA and, when forced to choose a career, chose publishing rather than teaching or being a film maker. Quinn lives in San Diego with her husband, dogs, and far too many cats.   Her Romeo is Quinn’s first book, though she hopes it will be followed by many more.   

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