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He came looking for Ace, but he found me instead…

Bloody Cruel Psycho, an explosive dark college romance in The Bloody Duet from USA Today bestselling author Lucy Smoke, is available now!

A life for a life … will kill the both of us in the end.


I know nothing of the Sickness at Eastpoint University. I know only the backroads that slip past the southern beaches and the gators that make their way onto the swamps shores. Until him. Until the killer known as Braxton Smalls finds his way into my stilted trailer on the coast of Port Charlotte.

He came looking for Ace, but he found me instead…


I’m a monster. Always have been. Always will be. The only people I’ve ever given a shit about are my boys and their girls. No one hurts my family, and knowing that someone has … and that they’ve gotten away with it plagues me.

Ace Volkov will pay for what he put Avalon through and if I have to use his most precious weakness to draw him out, I will.

She thinks she can bargain for his life with her own, but I mean to show her that there’s nothing I won’t do to see my vengeance through to the end.

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“You want to bend me and break me, Braxton Smalls.”

“And you’re going to let me,” he shoots back. “All for him.” He spits out the last word like it’s a curse.

I shake my head. “To an extent, Brax,” I warn him. “You think you have me cornered because I agreed to fuck you in return for you not tearing ass after Ace, but understand this much.” I lean up on my elbows and stare back at him. He grits his teeth as his hands ball into fists. “I’m the swamp rat you picked up. I have not been catered to my whole life like the women you were raised around. I am my own person and when someone pushes too far, I let them know. You have rights over my body, Brax, but that’s as far as it goes.”

Braxton’s arms drop to his sides and before I know it, his hands are around my waist as he rips the towel away from my body and turns, shoving me up against the outside glass of the shower. “You think your body is all you’re giving me, Clover?”

I swallow hard. “Yes.” I turn the small lie into a silent prayer.

His wide mouth curves into a vicious smile. “Then you have nothing to fear.”

About Lucy

Lucy Smoke/Lucinda Dark suffers from severe wanderlust and enjoys people watching to find her next character. Who knows, maybe you’re in one of her stories as well.

Author of new adult, reverse harem, and dark romance, Lucy Smoke/Lucinda Dark switches between subgenres, but focuses the primary themes of her novels on strong heroines and romance.

She lives and works in the south with her beloved puppy, Hiro, and enjoys teasing the life out of her all of her friends.

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