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Seduction in Blood by Kim Allred is a brand new paranormal romance–check it out and be sure to read the gorgeous new series today!

Title: Seduction in Blood

Author: Kim Allred

Genre: Paranormal Romance

About Seduction in Blood:

A thief. A vamp. And a walk on the wild side. 

Cressa Langtry worked hard to become the best cat burglar and safecracker on the West Coast. But now she’s hounded by bounty hunters. One successful job would go a long way in clearing what she owes. In an unfortunate twist of fate, Cressa’s debt is turned over to the city’s most notorious and ancient vampire – Devon Trelane. Complete one mission by doing what she does best, and she can leave the vampire world and his home, free and clear. Devon has lived a long life—many of them excommunicated from the Vampire Council. Yet, he can’t forgive the one vampire that cost him his council seat and damaged his family’s reputation. Unrest builds within the Council—a discontent that could be avoided if the Council would see reason. One vampire stokes the fires of division. The one who forced Devon from the Council through lies and deception. Luckily, a thief has fallen into Devon’s lap. A woman with the skills he requires to take down his greatest enemy. But their simple business arrangement becomes complicated when their dreams collide and engulf them in passion. 

  OF BLOOD & DREAMS is a slow-burn paranormal series filled with mystery, suspense, and lusty romance.


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Exclusive Excerpt:

"Boss, we have a problem," Stan called from the bedroom. "Is it the patrol?" Harlow asked as he grabbed half the stash while I snagged the rest. Stan glanced up from his monitor, the glow from the screen making his pale face appear green. "They weren't there a second ago." Trudy ran to the bedroom window. "I don't see anything." I crammed the stash in my bag and pulled my backpack on. "Where are they, Stan?" Trudy's voice, though still calm, held an edge. He was shaking his head. "They're all around us." Harlow slammed the monitor shut. "Get your gear. Now." "There's no need to hurry." Everyone froze. I did a quick survey of the room, already knowing I wouldn't find an exit, but my gut reaction to run was instinctual. "And I would drop the weapons." The man's voice came from inside the room near the shadows. Two more men walked in, pushing Jamal, our exit man, to the floor. I finally turned, shutting my headlamp off and taking a small step back, hoping the darkness in the room was enough to hide my face. "Hello, Pandora. I've had a devil of a time finding you."

About the Author:

Kim Allred grew up in Southern California but now enjoys the quiet life in an old timber town in the Pacific Northwest where she raises alpacas, llamas, and an undetermined number of free-range chickens. Just like her characters, Kim loves sharing stories while sipping a glass of wine or slurping a strong cup of brew.   Her spirit of adventure has taken her on many journeys including a ten-day dogsledding trip in northern Alaska and sleeping under the stars on the savannas of eastern Africa. Nowadays, she prefers staying on the farm, surrounded by her critters, while she dreams up stories among the firs and cedars. But that itch to travel again is getting stronger.   Read further to hear about Kim’s adventures. Maybe she’ll find away to squeeze one of these into her future stories!   

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