Release Day Blitz - INTRIGUE MY DESIRES by Charmaine Louise Shelton

Charmaine Louise Shelton is back with a brand new couple--get to know Harris and Kat in the first part of their love story, Intrigue My Desires!

Title: Intrigue My Desires

Author: Charmaine Louise Shelton

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Intrigue My Desires:

Welcome to the titillating world of the multibillion-dollar global companies and the love affairs of the families that control them. 


I’m the last man standing in The STEELE Quaternity—my brothers and I dubbed such by the media as the most sought-after of the world’s eligible billionaires. One by one, they fell. Suckers. Me? I hold on to my playboy card like a life preserver in a tsunami, as my fraternal twin sister teases me. Until the day I don’t...   


Those Jacksons think they’re all that. Well, they’re wrong. Dead wrong. And I’ll use whatever and whoever I can to get what I want. Revenge. My red hair, pretty face, and curvy body get ‘em every time. Including that Steele sucker. Will Kat claim Harris’ playboy card or will her true desire destroy the Jacksons and the Steeles? Join Harris—her mouse—as he chases his Kat from Aberdeen and the Channel Islands to Thailand and more in their steamy playboy falls for The One billionaire romance.  

Their love story is a standalone romance trilogy in the series. Get a glimpse of their dynamism in other books.

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Decode My Desires - February 8th

Honor My Desires - March 22nd


Exclusive Excerpt:

“Mr. Steele? Mr. Harris Steele?” A soft Scottish lilt says my name like I’m Bond. James Bond. And like a Bond Girl, this one is stacked. Her prim librarian facade of low heels, stockings, a conservative suit with an A-line skirt and a waist-length jacket, pussy bow blouse, and tortoise-shell glasses fails to hide her bodacious body. Thick, glossy red hair pulled back in a no-nonsense bun. Talk about a scene at LEVELS London. Hot damn! As my gaze takes in her long legs, grip-worthy hips, ample tits, and lush mouth, her natural beauty takes my breath away. Emerald green eyes stare back at me, unaffected—dare I say bored—by my heated gaze. I put on my most dazzling, panty dropping smile and mimic her Scottish accent in my deep baritone timbre. “Aye, bonnie lass. And who might ye be?” I think I see a flash of something in the depths of those intriguing emerald orbs. But it’s gone in, well, a flash. She squares her shoulders and peers down her nose at me. Her attempt to show confidence only serves to push her delectable tits out. I smirk. Her eyes narrow slightly. Then her face blanks again. Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” anyone? “Kat, Mr. Jackson’s administrative assistant,” she responds. Oh, fuck me. Why does this one have to work for Lachlan? Damn. The realization wipes the flirtation from my mind in an instant. “Mr. Jackson asked me to escort you up to his offices as a call detained him,” Kat continues. “Kindly follow me, Mr. Steele.” Without waiting for me to acknowledge her statement, Little Kat pivots and stalks towards the executive floor’s elevator. Okay, Little Kat may be Lachlan’s admin. But the sway of her hips and her round ass call to me like a siren’s song. I follow like she’s the Pied Piper. The alluring scent of her perfume fills my nostrils as we stand side by side in the elevator. I guesstimate her height at five feet, eight inches in her two-inch heels since I tower over her by five. Surreptitiously, I ogle her in my periphery. Wild thoughts of yanking the pins from her bun to free that red mane, hiking her skirt up, and hoisting her long leg around my hip as I drive my hungry ten-inch cock balls deep inside of her wet, willing pussy fill my head. The ping of the elevator doors opening interrupts my sexy fantasy. As I follow Little Kat, I adjust my burgeoning length. And avoid staring at her sexy strut. She knocks on Lachlan’s doors and opens them. “You may enter, Mr. Steele,” she says as she steps back. “Thank you, Kat,” I say with a nod. The taste of her name sweetens my mouth. I step inside, and she closes the doors behind me. My hand drags down my face as I blow out a long breath. Fuck. Me. When I open my eyes, Lachlan stares at me with his head cocked as he continues to speak on the telephone. I shake my head and point to his en suite bathroom. He nods but watches me with a furrowed brow. Once inside, I fully adjust my cock, then stare in the mirror. “Did that Little Kat crawl under my skin? Fuck… Am I doomed like my brothers by one glance?” I say aloud to my reflection. Then I grin. “Hell nah! Not this playa, baby!” I chuckle as I shake my head to dislodge that unsavory thought, rinse my face with cool water, and stride from the bathroom.   

About the Author:

Charmaine Louise Shelton the Founder, CEO & Author of CharmaineLouise New York, Inc. loves all things classic, elegant, feminine, and of course with an erotic edge! Favorite outfit of choice is a cashmere cardigan, leather pencil skirt, and seamed silk stockings with stiletto heels. Sexy Fantasy Type: sub with a dash of Voyeur. When not writing and designing, Charmaine Louise travels and spends time with her Maltese buddies, ZIGGY and Jynger. She loves to hear from her readers!

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