Release Day Review: A Cowboy of Legend by Linda Broday

Series: Lone Star Legends #1 Genres: Historical Western Romance

It's time for a new generation to become Legend.

Deacon Brannock is determined to make a name for himself and the saloon he's worked his whole life to afford. He was prepared for life in the Wild West, but he hadn't counted on Grace Legend...

Grace has always fought hard for what she believes in, and after her best friend is killed at the hands of her drunk and angry husband, that includes keeping alcohol out of her town. When the owner of the new saloon turns out to be a kind and considerate man, she can't help but wonder if they could have a future together...if they weren't on opposite sides of every issue.


**ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review**

Another great Western Historical Romance by Linda Broday. A Cowboy of Legend is Grace's story, she is the daughter of Houston and Lara from The Heart of a Texas Cowboy. Grace was a bit of a snob in the beginning of the story. I honestly didn't like her that much, and definitely didn't agree with her methods of imposing her views on others. She didn't hold back in trying to achieve those goals. In a way I also admired her determination, and started to warm up to her further I got in the story. She was a strong and independent young lady, and I can imagine her wanting to change how people viewed women in that time period.

Deacon Brannock is the hero in this book and I loved his character. He was a bit mysterious but a very courageous man who didn't let the bad guys get away with hurting people. He was very protective and did his best to take care of people who needed help. When Grace and Brannock first meet there isn't any love lost between them. There was a bit of an enemies-to-lovers trope going on, and I loved the banter between the two. Grace finally found someone who was able to go head to head with her.

There are no dull moments in this book in my opinion. Were there moments it was a bit slow, yes but it just fits the time period perfectly in my opinion. Things just move more slowly in the old west, and the author was able to keep my attention until the end. Her characters are always very likable and original. She also adds the perfect amount of romance, suspense, action, humor, and heartbreak. Everything comes together perfectly and results into a beautiful, funny, and emotional historical romance. I already look forward to Linda Broday's next book.

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At a young age, Linda Broday discovered a love for storytelling, history, and anything pertaining to the Old West. After years of writing romance, it’s still tall rugged cowboys that spark her imagination. A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Linda has won many awards, including the prestigious National Readers’ Choice Award and the Texas Gold. She resides in the Texas Panhandle where she’s inspired every day.

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  1. Betul, thank you so much for this beautiful review. I loved your take on Deacon and Grace and agree wholeheartedly. This was a fun book to write and readers are seeming to appreciate it. I am just so grateful for you kind words. Thank you, Betul.


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