Release Day Blitz - FADE INTO YOU by Elle Greco

Today we have the release day blitz for Elle Greco’s FADE INTO YOU! Check it out and be sure to get yours today!

Title: Fade Into You

Author: Elle Greco

Series: LA Rock Star Romance

Genre: Rockstar Romance

About Fade Into You:

It's all fun and games until someone falls in love.   Six years after the cops found Ear Assassins’ lead singer dead of a drug overdose, his widow Lydon Johnson has only just begun to pick up the pieces. Now she finds she’s fast running out of money to support herself and her son. A reality TV show is an unappealing means to an end, but in the interest of keeping a roof over their heads, she signs on. But the producers soon find out, Lydon’s kind of boring for a rock and roll widow. Vince Davis, lead singer of Anthem, is a rock and roll legend two decades in the making. But when the head of his longtime record label is exposed as the cause of his son’s drug overdose, his attempt to split his band from the label comes with a personal cost that he’s not sure he’s ready to make. Enter Lydon. Vince has an idea to spice up Lydon’s flailing reality show: pretend to be lovers. Thrust back into a glowing spotlight, can Vince’s amped star power get Anthem out of their contract on his own terms? The reality TV producers think it’s a match made in rock and roll heaven. What could possibly go wrong?   When you hate the person you are supposed to fall in love with, LOADS.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Vince flashed his panty-melting grin. “And now we also know that the feelings you have for me scare you.” “Rubbish,” I snapped. His eyes danced with humor. “Seriously, Lydon, I’m scared too.” His hands slid along my thighs. “But it’s worth the risk, don’t you think?” I closed my eyes. “We can’t let Charlie know. I don’t want him hurt.” “I’d never hurt Charlie.” I opened my eyes to see his earnest look. “But you might hurt me, and right now that’s the same thing in his little boy heart.” He pressed his hand over mine on my chest. “I don’t want to hurt you, Lydon.” “We don’t go into these things wanting to hurt people. It’s just what happens. It’s a by-product,” I said. My brain flashed to Charlie again. He never knew Chad, so he never experienced that sort of aching loss. His loss was different—more of a sadness around never having a father. If Charlie got close to Vince and lost him… that pain rips through your heart and cuts into your very soul. Was I willing to take that gamble with Charlie’s heart? Because it wasn’t just my own that was exposed. “I can’t, Vince. It’s too risky.” He leaned into me, a hand landing on the mattress by my hip. “Lady Ly, we are halfway there with this reality show. Maybe we should try?” It was tempting. Vince was right. The sex we had was explosive. It was raw. It felt right. But it had also been six years since I last got laid, so I couldn’t exactly trust what I felt. I leaned away from him. “How about we just, you know, scratch the itch every once in a while?” His head cocked. “Go on. I want to hear this.” “I mean, we carry on as normal, faking it for the cameras and such. But if we get the urge to, you know…” I paused. “Have intercourse…” Vince closed his eyes and shook his head. When he opened them again, he pressed his forehead to mine. “So, friends with benefits.” I stared at his full lips and tamped down the urge to kiss him. “We could call it that, I suppose.”

About Elle Greco:

Urban Fantasy lovers will know me as Karen Greco, author of the best-selling Hell’s Belle series. My Contemporary Romance books are written under Elle Greco. (That’s me, to the right, in a Covid 19 self-portrait!) While the genres are worlds apart, strong female characters are the chain that links all my worlds. These women are magical. They wield wicked weapons. They play a mean drum solo. They fall in love. They rule the boardroom and the bedroom. Whatever they do, they do it with swagger. I love escaping into their badass worlds. I hope you do, too.   

Connect with Elle:

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