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Velvet Cuffs
Charley Descoteaux
(Kink Awakenings, #3)
Publication date: April 5th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance

Josh Keller never thought he’d host a wedding reception—his kink club is a place where he tends bar and chains willing men to the padded wall in his private room. He also never thought he’d see the love of his life again. When both happen on the same day his life will never be the same.

Pax Dupont never stopped loving Josh, not when they fought and broke up and not during the fifteen years they spent a thousand miles apart. Coming face-to-face with the man he left behind is a surprise, but learning Josh is part owner of the club intrigues Pax enough to share his own love of silk, lace, and domination.

Will Josh and Pax put past hurts behind them and admit their feelings still run hot, or will Pax’s attempts to dominate Josh break them up for good?

Warnings: This book contains a brief scene of violence and a hero in peril, mentions of past abuse of a child, grief over the death of siblings, a man who loves the feel of silk and lace, and one who thought he understood his own kinky nature.

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Pax shot him a look over his shoulder. That look was full of heat and promise as much as the question of what the hell did Josh have running around in his head.

Josh stood behind him as he flipped through the folders in the box and rested both hands on Pax’s shoulders. Leaning close, he whispered in Pax’s ear, “What can I do to help?”

Pax’s exhale seemed to go on forever. As he sighed, he also relaxed under Josh’s hands and leaned back so their bodies touched—Pax’s back against Josh’s chest. The same way they’d slept when they were teenagers after a long night of making out. Among other things.

“Fuck, Josh, I really have work I need to do.”

“I’m not trying to stop you.” Josh moved one hand to circle Pax’s waist and pull him closer. Gently, but leaving no room for doubt that he wanted Pax, that the anger and hurt and resentments of their past were just that: of the past.

Pax dropped his head back onto Josh’s shoulder. “I shouldn’t have left so fast. I thought…”

“You thought what?”

“That you were just being kind, and that this—” Pax turned so his lips brushed against Josh’s ear. “—was all in the past.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t…Fuck, Pax, I still feel it. All of it.” Josh wrapped his other arm around Pax’s chest and held him tight. Pax shivered in his embrace, his ass pressed tightly against Josh’s growing cock. Josh knew he couldn’t say any more—he’d already said too much, even if Pax hadn’t been on the clock. It was way too soon to be making any grand pronouncements, even if he would mean every word.

Josh made a soft squeaking sound when Pax took him by the wrist and moved his hand to rest on Pax’s waistband. Josh’s thumb slid into Pax’s slacks and against something silky.

“I’d love to take you right here—” Josh dragged his thumb across Pax’s stomach, loving the contrast between his firm body and the surprising silkiness of whatever he was wearing. “—but someone could walk in any minute.”

Pax groaned and leaned back harder against Josh, pressing Josh’s hand tight against his abs as he did. Josh thought Pax’s knees might have weakened at the thought of someone walking in and catching them together and filed that knowledge away for when he could make good use of it.

Author Bio:

Charley Descoteaux is the author of the Buchanan House Love Stories. Book One is a USA Today Must-Read Romance.

Charley has always heard voices. She was relieved to learn they were fictional characters, and started writing when they insisted daydreaming just wasn't good enough. In exchange, they've agreed to let her sleep once in a while. Charley has survived earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods, but couldn't make it through a single day without stories.

Charley also writes under the pen name Charli Coty. Under that name you'll find LGBTQIA+ fiction that's a little different but always has a happy ending.

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