Release Blitz + Review: Song for the Dead by Karina Halle

Song for the Dead by Karina Halle is now live!

My name is Ada Palomino.
By day, I'm studying my ass off at design school in Portland, Oregon.
By night, I'm slaying demons and ghosts who have dared to slip through the Veil.
Or at least, that's what I should be doing.
The problem is Jay, who also happened to be my immortal guardian and now ex-boyfriend, was banished from being with me.
And now my new trainer is a previously dead friend of mine that I helped bring back to life.
With both of us nursing broken hearts, we embark on a road trip to New Orleans to help him win back his long lost love.
As if that's not tricky enough, we're also being hunted by a demon with a grudge, and I'm not sure if all the training in the world is going to help me.
One things for sure, the more complicated our relationship gets, the scarier things become.
Whoever said love is a battlefield, never had to fight demons at the same time.


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**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

The announcement of this book being written came as a pleasant surprise. I enjoy Karina's paranormal novels a lot so I looked forward to seeing which direction she would take with Song for the Dead. I don't remember a lot from Veiled (I have a bad memory plus it has been years since I read it). But I was reunited with Ada in the novella Ghosted and novel Came Back Haunted, so I up to date on the situation. I went into this book open-minded but I also had some predictions and expectations. I have to say that I was on edge throughout the book because I had no idea what to expect. If you read Ghosted/Came Back Haunted then you know the developments regarding a side character coming back to life. He was one of my favorites so I was happy to see him play a big part in this book.

So why did I rate this book 3.5 stars? I just felt some things just developed a bit too fast. I was already surprised by some new developments, so I would've liked more time to get used to the idea. I didn't have a strong connection with Ada since it had been years since I read Veiled, so I wasn't opposed to the direction the author took the story. Honestly, I liked it and I thought it was a better fit for Ada's story. I know I am being super vague, but I just don't want to spoil anything. I do look forward to seeing what will happen next, especially the ending has me ready for the drama. Overall this was a sexy, action-packed and fun paranormal romance. Ada is a great character and I can't wait to see her grow even more as a character, and the decisions she will have to make in the next book. 


Meet Karina

Karina Halle is a former travel writer, music journalist & screenwriter, and The New York Times, Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling author of over 55 bestselling novels, ranging from horror and suspense to contemporary romance. She lives on an island off the coast of British Columbia with her husband, and her adopted pitbull Bruce, where she drinks a lot of wine, hikes a lot of trails and devours a lot of books.

Halle is represented by the Root Literary Agency and is both self-published and published by Simon & Schuster, Hachette & Montlake. Her work has been translated and published in 20 languages.

Hit her up on Instagram at @authorHalle, on Twitter at @MetalBlonde and on Facebook. You can also visit and sign up for the newsletter for news, excerpts, previews, private book signing sales and more.

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