Release Blitz + Review: Incandescence by Elena Leman


Series: Shadowlight #1
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Orobella is a cosmic wanderer, living borrowed lives in borrowed bodies. Her mission on planet Instaar is the same as always—collecting Crystals of Emotions while having as much fun as her new physical form allows, no strings attached. But once she meets the hypnotically mysterious Sambor, both her body and soul yearn for more. She makes him an offer he can't refuse.

In the world where creatures of death and darkness drive men mad, emotional detachment has been Sambor's greatest life achievement. As the future leader of the Lasota tribe and a spiritual tattoo artist, he can't afford the luxury of mental weakness. Yet his meticulously constructed equilibrium is shaken up when an alluring nymph promises to save his baby sister, in exchange for a sacred Lasota tattoo. He can't say no. Even if that means his demons will get the best of him.

Filled with elemental magic, spirit animals, psychic terror, and a whole lot of steaminess, this romantic fantasy is more than a love story. It’s a journey through a soul.

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**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

I have to be honest and say that I hesitated before deciding to read this book. I am a very picky reader and mostly tend to stick to authors whose books I have enjoyed before. But every now and then I feel adventurous and read a book by a new author. Incandescence is one of these books that I decided to try and ended up enjoying a lot. This book was very original and it honestly exceeded my expectations. I don't read that many Fantasy Romance novels, even though it is one of my favorite subgenres.

When I started this book I didn't know what to expect and which direction the author was going which is the magic in these type of books. I was hooked to the story from the start and enjoyed being introduced to the world the author had created. Orobella is a cosmic wanderer, living borrowed lives in borrowed bodies. She was very care-free and open-minded. I had to get used to her at the beginning, but the more I got the know her the more I liked her. The hero Sambor is a broody warrior who was very serious. On paper Oro and Sambor wouldn't make a lot of sense, but in practice they were perfect together.

This book was very magical, romantic, action-packed, and emotional at times. Also I definitely didn't expect the heat level of the intimate scenes to be this steamy, so that was a very pleasant surprise. I also didn't expect the story to take a dark turn, which I liked as well. It was unpredictable, which I always appreciate in the books I read. I love it when authors go a different direction than the one I expected. I felt a strong connection to the characters and look forward to getting to know all the tribes better in the upcoming books. The side characters were amazing as well, and I especially loved Sambor's little sister, and Oro's lizard guide Smoku.

The writing style was great and I didn't have a problem following the story. The pacing was good, and there was no dull moment in this book. A lot is going on but the story didn't feel packed or rushed. Incandescence was a great introduction to the Shadowlight series, and I can't wait to see what the author will come up next for the upcoming books in the series.

Elena Leman is a traveler, poet, English teacher, and the author of Happy Ever(ywhere) After and Shadowlight series. Her twelve years of expat life in Turkey, Costa Rica, Colombia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Italy, Brazil, and Portugal filled her imagination with magic, adventure, and a bit of drama--all the essential ingredients for a pageturner. Currently, she’s living in Lisbon, Portugal. When she’s not writing, you can catch her kicking the guts out of a punching bag, finding her zen in meditation, swaying her hips to kizomba beats, or... traveling some more.

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