Release Day Review: My Husband's Daughter by Emma Robinson

Cara took a deep breath and let it out slowly. ‘She’s not just my daughter,’ she said as she turned in her seat to face Jack. This man she had once loved, but who she hadn’t seen for nearly five years. ‘Sophie is your daughter too.’

It is past ten o’clock on a cold Friday night when Rebecca and her husband Jack’s doorbell rings. Outside is a woman who introduces herself as Jack’s ex-girlfriend Cara. And she’s holding the hand of a shivering, blue-eyed, four-year-old girl. Who she claims is Jack’s daughter.

Rebecca is shocked to discover he has a child from his last relationship – even one he hadn’t known about. Because becoming parents isn’t part of their life plan. They like children, but they also love their freedom and spending time together uninterrupted; the way that, if they wanted to, they could travel the world at a moment’s notice.

But Cara needs them. Because Cara has a devastating secret that she can’t tell anyone yet. Not even her daughter. A secret with the power to change all of their lives.

A secret that will ultimately mean Rebecca has to ask herself – could she find it in herself to welcome her husband’s child into her home, and into her heart?

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**ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review**

My Husband's Daughter is very fast paced and I was able to finish it in two sittings. I was unable to relate to the main characters Rebecca and Cara. The story also didn't really go into a lot of detail, so it was even harder to connect to the characters. However, I was interested in the story and how everything would develop, so the author was able to intrigue me until the end of the story. Even though I didn't really like the characters I appreciated the growth they all went through.

This book was very emotional and I cried my eyes out the last half of the book. This story really pulled at my heartstrings and eventually I got really invested in the story. This book shows that even if you plan your whole life it can still go a different route. The characters in this book, especially Rebecca, really showed growth after being faced with life-changing events. I think I would've rated this book higher if it was longer and went into more detail.

About the Author:

Emma Robinson thinks of herself as one of the ‘Bridget Jones generation’ – who are now grown up and having children – and writes novels for women who feel the same.

She also has a blog, Motherhood for Slackers, which takes a humorous look at parenthood, and includes poems such as ‘Dear Teacher’ about her son starting school which has been shared around the world. Emma is an English teacher and lives in Essex with a patient husband and two children who are an endless source of material.

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