Release Day Blitz - DARKNESS TO LIGHT by Cheryl Sloan

Today we have the release day blitz of Cheryl Sloan’s Darkness to Light, book 3 in her Beneath the Darkness trilogy! Check out this gorgeous trilogy and be sure to get your copy today!

Title: Darkness to Light

Author: Cheryl Sloan

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Darkness to Light:

When Jenna's past was called into question, truths uncovered, and a stunning secret revealed, her world fell apart in the most earth-shattering of ways.

One so devastating and profoundly painful, there was no escaping the hollowness that would remain in her heart until she righted the wrongs of the past.

While Jenna was no stranger to a blindside, nothing would stand in her way as she fought to reclaim the life she rightfully deserved. However, being confronted by one's worst nightmare, meant her fortitude would face the ultimate test.

The problem with putting your life on the line was not everyone would walk away unscathed.

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The Beneath the Darkness trilogy is a story of secrets and forgiveness, fire and ice, devastation, and hope, all wrapped in an epic page-turner that will leave you reeling from all the feels!

Catch up On the Series:

Book 1: Captivated by LIght

Book 2: Blindsided by Darkness

Exclusive Excerpt:

“What am I doing here?” I retorted. “I think it is me who should be asking you that question, but then again, I can see the glaring appeal in the setup you have here,” I added, swinging my arm in the direction of the beach for added emphasis. “Retirement doesn’t always have to be drab.” “Drab?” I laughed out loud. “Yes, I can only imagine how jail would be painfully lackluster compared to this tropical utopia.” He grabbed me by the arm and ushered us over to the side, away from the middle of the walkway. “Listen, you can’t be here. You need to leave.” My father spoke with a hushed yet stern tone. I jerked my arm free from his grasp, and despite the alarm bells ringing in my head, I stayed put. “I’m not going anywhere until I have answers.” “Well, sometimes we don’t always get what we want.” He huffed. “But you owe me.” “I owe you nothing. Now leave.” I gasped. “How can you say that? After all this time, how can you stand there and say that to me?” “Simple, I cut you out of my life for a reason.” “So, there isn’t even a little part of you that missed me, a little piece of your heart that holds any love for me . . . your daughter?” I asked, despising the level of hurt in my voice that I was powerless to mask. I felt weak and was annoyed that he was seeing me this way. Damaged. Vulnerable. Flawed. Broken. “No,” he simply stated. “Why? What did I ever do that was so bad? Why didn’t you want me?” No matter how hard I’d convinced myself I didn’t care about his opinion of me, being there with his eyes locked on mine, there was no denying it was the hardest confrontation I’d ever faced. What child didn’t need, crave, and or rely on love from their parents? As I waited with bated breath for him to rationalize the motives behind his decision that changed the course of my life and very likely his, I found my tough girl exterior armor losing its momentum. “Because I never did.” A sob slipped from me with his admission. “I’m a selfish bastard who never wanted a family, much less a child.” He waved. His statement was a knife to the heart. A heart that had had its strength tested repeatedly. A heart that was done being trampled all over by those that weren’t deserving and or worthy. A heart that had hardened over time to become more resilient with every decision I’d made that had brought me to this pivotal turning point. Plain and simple, I deserved more. I was worthy of love, and I wasn’t about to play the victim card and let his lack of affection toward me stop me from seeking and obtaining all I ought to have in life and feel fulfilled in the process. 


About Cheryl Sloan:

Cheryl Sloan lives an hour outside Toronto with her husband, two children, and has a love for all things creative. With the unwavering support and encouragement of her husband, she decided to abandon her comfort zone and pursue her dream of becoming a published author. When she’s not lost in crafting her character’s world or cuddled up with a good book and her lapdog Labradoodle, she can be found spending quality time with her family and hanging out at the ballpark supporting their favorite MLB team.

Connect with Cheryl:

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