Cover & Blurb Reveal: Odium VII by Claire C. Riley


Series: The Dead Saga #7
Genre: Horror/Post-Apocalyptic

How can we love in a world full of death?


A year has gone by and Nina is filled with rage and grief for her many losses. Only one thing remains the same: her hate for the Savages and the desire for their death.

More bitter and broken than she’s ever been before, she wonders if she can ever find her way back to the light again. But Shooter hasn’t given up on her yet, and neither has the rest of the Devil’s Highwaymen.


Mikey, living at Haven, is not the man he once was.

He hunts. He kills. He protects…but inside he has fallen apart.

He may have survived his time as the Savages’ prisoner and come away with all his body parts intact, but they managed to carve away a more vital part of him and he doesn’t know how to get it back.


Revenge is on both of their minds, their mutual hatred for the Savages continually driving them on toward an uncertain future. Together or apart, their enemy is the same, and they both cling to the hope of taking the head of the one who stole everything from them.


Only one thing is certain now: if they are to survive this enemy, they must seek out a truth that has evaded them thus far.

But will this truth destroy them?

Only time will tell.


The clouds move above me, a slow avalanche of misery trying to block out the sun. Lying here and looking up at the sky like this, reminds me of another time. Only then I had no idea what lay ahead of me. All of the death and misery, the loss, the love and the loss again. It’s too much for one person to take in a single lifetime. Hot tears slide down my cheeks, mingling with the sweat from my mad dash from life.

“Och, you’ve got that look in your eye again, girly,” Highlanders thunderous voice breaks the silence of my misery and I turn to look at him.

“What look?” I grumble. I’m sat behind one of the old supply sheds, my back against the dusty wooden walls.

He comes over, uncaring that I didn’t ask him to share my space, and sits down next to me. He looks up and points to a cloud. “That one looks like—,”

“Don’t,” I snap, cutting him off, memories of cloud watching with another man a lifetime ago sting my heart but I push them away. I stand up and start to walk away.

“Och, wait up,” he grumbles and follows me.

“Ever heard of personal space, Highlander?”

“Ever heard of blowjobs, sweetcheeks?”

I turn on him with a scowl that could cut marble and his face splits into a huge grin as he starts to laugh. This man never takes anything seriously.

“Go eat horse shit,” I grit.

“Fecking hell, woman, you’ve got a tongue worse than a viper on its period on ya! Don’t worry, I wouldn’t put ma’ dick near that gob o’ yours for all the gold in the world.” He laughs even harder when he sees my anger growing. Which of course makes me angrier. It’s a vicious circle of anger and laughter and anger and laugter. And around and around we go. “Alright, alright, calm ya’ tits will ya’, Queen B, I’ve got somethin’ for ya.”

“Queen B?” I ask with an arch of my eyebrow.

“Figured you’re a massive bitch that deserves a crown to go with it!” he barks out with a loud laugh like he’s said the funniest thing ever. I’m still confused, and my face must show it because he rubs a hand down his beard and at least has the decency to look a little embarrassed. “Queen Bitch, Nina. The Queen of all the bitches.”

 © copyright Claire C. Riley 2020

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About The Author:

Claire C. Riley is a USA Today and international bestselling author.

She’s a genre-jumping book nerd who likes to write about psycho stalkers, alpha males, anti-heroes, and the end of the bloody world! A lover of all things dark and dirty, she likes to write books that f**k with your heart and your head.
She lives in the United Kingdom with her husband, three daughters, and ridiculously naughty rescue beagle, aka Dogface.

Contact Links:
Facebook (Claire C. Riley)
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