Release Day Review: Ivan the Bold by Denali Day


Series: Dokiri Brides #3
Genre: Fantasy Romance

She’d walk through fire to save their world. To claim her, he’d let it all burn.

Her widowed heart freshly healed, Lavinia wants nothing more than to bind herself to Ivan, the man who adores her fatherless sons almost as much as he loves her. Then duty calls her to risk their future and return to a life she’d fled — to a man who wants her as much as she fears him.

Tasked with escorting Lavinia back to the land of her birth, Ivan pledges his heart along with his protection. He’ll have his mark upon her within days. But no sooner do they arrive than her previous life threatens to tear her away forever.

Haunted by the mistakes of her past, Lavinia would do anything to redeem herself and save her people. Consumed by desire, Ivan must decide if passion is worth more than the survival of his race.

Duty or love? They can’t have both.

**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

This series is very refreshing and original. I absolutely love the Dokiri and their way of life. The main characters of this book are Ivan and Lavinia. Lavinia is a widow and has two sons but has been growing closer to Ivan, who was her late husband's best friend. Ivan is very protective of Lavinia and her boys. There is danger and an upcoming war for which they'll need allies. One of them are the Ebronians from Ebron, from where Lavinia is originally from. To defeat their enemies they will need a pendant that will help them, which is located in Ebron. Lavinia travels with Ivan and other Dokiri warriors to convince the leader of the land that they have to fight together.

The world that the author has built for this series is amazing. In this book we are travelling to a new part in this fantasy world, and I loved seeing the characters maneuver this new strange place. This book was detailed, interesting, and engaging. I'm always afraid that the author will dump a lot of information in a short amount of time in fantasy books, but that is not the case for this series. The author is broadening the world she created each book and does a really good job at it. Ivan and Lavinia were a great couple, with their flaws and all. I loved their imperfections and the way their relationship started and developed throughout the book. Their individual growth was also great. They had their ups and downs, and my heart broke seeing some of the decisions they had to make.

Ivan the Bold is my favorite book in the series so far. It was action-packed, romantic, emotional, funny, and had me hooked until the end. I especially loved the characters and admired their courage and loyalty. They weren't perfect and had to find themselves, and I was happy to be on that journey with them. The Dokiri Brides series has become one of my favorite fantasy series, and I already look forward to the next book. These books can be read as stand-alones however, I think you'll be missing background information on both the culture and characters. There is also a story-line that continues throughout the series, so it can be that you'll get a bit confused if you start with this book.

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Release Date: January 14, 2021
#4 - Magnus the Vast:

About the Author:

When Denali Day was trying to figure out “what to be when she grew up” she noticed all her written stories featured a scene where the beautiful heroine patched up the wounds of a gallant hero. So she decided to become a nurse. Twelve years and two degrees later, she realized all she ever really wanted was to be a writer.

Now she lives in the midwest with her adoring husband, a real life gallant hero, and their two wicked goblins (children). When she isn’t writing she’s reading and when she’s not doing either of those things she’s probably plundering the fridge for something she can smother in whipped cream.

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