Release Blitz + Review: Fragments of Delores by Claire C. Riley

Genre: Psychological suspense/crime

Can a picture-perfect life be destroyed by a single lie? Or did it take more than that to split her world apart?

Perfect husband. Perfect children. Perfect home.
Delores Stanton had it all. 
Or so it seemed.
Until one hot summer’s night, she got into her car, and left.

Delores’s tragic journey begins with deception, a bloody revenge plot born from jealousy, and a lie that has become the rocky foundation for her fragile mind.
As her world begins to spin dangerously out of control, Delores’s desperate mind starts the tortuous process of piecing her life back together. But when you can’t even trust yourself, how can you even begin?

For the man that truly loves her, finding where Delores went, and why, is proving harder to discover than he ever thought possible. People are harbouring secrets at every turn, and with no clues to guide him, he worries it might just be too late to save the woman he loves.
Because in Delores’s uncertain world, a lie might become the truth.
And the truth just might kill her.

**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

I love Claire's books, they are always original and you don't know what to expect. This author has broken my heart a couple of times, and I guess I like it because I keep coming for more. Fragments of Delores intrigued me right from the start. Who is Delores, where is she headed, what is she planning on doing, and why is she doing it? I had no idea but I was looking forward to finding answers to all of these questions. Piece by piece we get to know Delores with quick and short flashbacks, and it is obvious that something isn't right with her. This book was an emotional roller coaster, especially during the last quarter of the book I was on the edge of my seat.

This is a psychological thriller with a little bit of romance added to it. You don't know what is going on, how things are connected, plus add some plot twists to the story and you have yourself a wild ride. This book has multiple POVs which I didn't mind at all. Claire has such a way with words that you connect and get sucked into any character's POV in my opinion. It definitely added another layer to the story and gave you some clarity about what was going on. However, the author had me guessing until the last page of the book. I love this author's writing style a lot, it is just so easy to read and has a very nice flow. I have to admit I read the last chapters very fast, because the not knowing was killing me. After I finished I went back and read them again so I could take in all the details. I definitely recommend this book to fans of Claire's writing, and readers who enjoy thrillers/suspenseful books.

About The Author:

Claire C. Riley is a USA Today and International bestselling author with almost twenty novels of various genres to her credit.
A lover of all things dark and dirty, she likes to write characters you love to hate but can’t help falling in-love with. She isn’t afraid to challenge herself, or her readers, to step outside of their comfort zones.
She also writes under the pen name of Cee Cee Riley, where she writes in the MC romance and post-apocalyptic romance genres.
Claire lives in the United Kingdom with her husband and three daughters where she can be found whiling away her days playing board games with her kids and reading.

Contact Links:
Facebook (Claire C. Riley)
Facebook (Cee Cee Riley)

Author of:
Odium The Dead Saga Series
Odium Origins Series
Limerence (The Obsession Series)
Out of the Dark Series,
Twisted Magic.

Co-authored books with Madeline Sheehan:
Thicker than Blood,
Beneath Blood & Bone,
& Shut Up & Kiss me,

And by Cee Cee Riley:
Ride or Die #1 A Devil’s Highwaymen MC novel
Ride or Die #2 A Devil’s Highwaymen MC novel

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