Cover Reveal & Giveaway - Wolf Queen by Rachel M. Raithby

Wolf Queen by Rachel M. Raithby

A New Dawn Novel 
Publication Date: May 29, 2020 
Genres: Mature Young Adult, Paranormal Romance

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War is here. Fate wants blood, and only Katalina can stop it. Nearly a year has passed since Katalina learned her true identity and mated with Dark Shadow alpha, Bass Evernight. She ignited the fire for change, but hatred doesn’t disappear with hope, and if the wolves of Dark Shadow and River Run want their hearts to remain whole, they’re going to have to fight for their new dawn of peace and love. As war arrives at their door, love finds a way to spark within the darkness. Babies are born, mates are found, and a little orphaned boy finds his voice again. The end is here. Lives will be lost, and one way or another, fate will have its blood.

About Rachel M. Raithby

Rachel M. Raithby started her writing career in 2013 and hasn’t looked back.
She draws her inspiration from the many places she has lived and traveled, as well as from her love of the paranormal and thriller movies.
She can often be found hiding out with a good book or writing more fast-paced and thrilling stories where love always conquers all.

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