Cover Reveal - Excerpt & Giveaway - PINK by Bethany-Kris

 by Bethany-Kris 

Cover Credits: Black Widow Designs 

Publication Date: May 8, 2020 

Genres: Adult, Mafia, Organized Crime. Erotic Romance, Standalone

He’s Pink, the personal enforcer for the boss of the New York mafia. She’s Gigi Rey, a supermodel known across the globe.
They live two entirely different lives but before the mob and the fame, they were Lev Arsov and Gigi Parker. Two people struggling to make it—who met by chance—before life got in the way.
Five years have passed since the nights they shared together, but Fashion Week brings Gigi back to New York and straight into Lev’s path once more, when her work obligations tangles with the mafia’s business. In this world, that’s never a good thing.
They aren’t the same people now. He’s a single dad doing whatever he can for his daughter. Gigi can’t walk down the street without the world watching. A lot has changed. The one thing that didn’t? How they keep finding their way into each other’s heads … and beds.
If only it was that simple. If only the tabloids didn’t back them into a wall. If only they saw it coming.
If only they could go back to the time before he was … Pink.
If only.
Pink is a 112k standalone Mafia Romance set in Bethany-Kris’s Commission World.

“I was going to ask what you’re doing in New York. Every article I ever see says you live in—”
“Milan, yeah.” Gigi’s gaze darted to his, and a small smile formed on her pretty lips. “Bought a property there a little while back. I’m in New York for work. Fashion Week in September. Some campaigns before that. Never ends.”
“I knew I was right about you.”
Her light laughter had the fire in his chest easing as he admired the way she wasn’t ashamed to grin wide in her happiness. He wondered if the beauty that was presented about her and her life in the magazines was the truth sometimes. It had to be a lonely life to constantly be watched and seen but not really known.
“Did you follow me back here?” she asked.
Unconcerned about letting her know the truth, he nodded. “Yeah—they’re bad news, you know? Those men you’re here with today, I mean. I’m not sure what you were told about today, but—”
“Nothing until I was here. This was all set up around me; I was given a time to show up. That’s how things work in my business sometimes. My time is money, as I’m often told.”
It wasn’t even a question.
Just a heavy understanding.
One he didn’t like at all.
Gigi raised one brow. “What did you mean by that—bad news?”
Them. Their business. Whatever Jensen Todrey thinks he might be able to get from you. It’s all bad news. Without details, he could cause you a lot of problems. Word to the wise—keep away from him, and anything he wants you to do, as much as you can.”
She cleared her throat, shifting from foot to foot and hugging the bomber jacket she’d thrown over a short, flowy dress tighter to her form. “I don’t think my agency would put me in any danger, Lev.”
“Don’t be so sure.”
He wasn’t going to give her all the information he learned today. Not because he couldn’t … but because he wasn’t sure that it was safe to do. Hopefully, if she stayed away from Jensen, then that would be that.
The buzzing of a phone in Lev’s pocket reminded him that he still had a boss to report back to and soon. Probably tomorrow because he needed to grab his daughter after daycare, too, and he was running out of time to beat the worst of traffic if he lingered too long.
“I gotta run,” Lev told her, “but don’t trust them, Gigi. Please.”
He’d use the exit at the end of the hall to head out of the business and then just round the back and side of the building to where he left his Jeep parked with a meter running.
Before he had the chance to say goodbye, Gigi asked, “Could I see you again? I’m going to be in the city for a while, and if you have time I would love to catch up.”
He should have told her no.
She already had traffickers too close.
Did she really need a mob enforcer around, too?
Lev’s heart raced to speak before his brain could explain why it might be a bad idea—all because looking at her gave him a sense of nostalgia that he had never felt before. She looked at him differently than most people did; she saw a man she had known from a time before.
And that time came before he was this man.
So yeah, he should have said no.
Instead, he said, “Yeah, there’s a bar I like where we could meet up in the next couple of days … it’s private, and you probably need that, right?”


Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to four young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.
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