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Sweet Temptation

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The first time Cassio met his fiancée, she called him ‘Sir’.

After losing his wife, Cassio is left to take care of two small children while trying to establish his rule over Philadelphia. Now he needs a mother for his children, and someone who can warm his bed at night. 

But in a traditional world as his, choosing your wife is duty not pleasure.

Rules have to be followed. Traditions heeded.

That’s how he ends up with a woman—agirl barely of age. She might not be what he and his children need, but she’s wicked lovely and a sweet temptation he can’t resist.

Giulia always knew she’d marry a man her father chose for her. Only she never expected to be given to someone much older.

Suddenly she’s supposed to be a mother to two small children when she hasn’t even held a baby in her life.

Giulia quickly realizes that Cassio isn’t interested in a relationship on equal footing. Her mother always warned her that men of power like Cassio don’t tolerate insolence; yet, tired of being treated as a nanny and clueless child-bride, Giulia decides to fight for her vision of a happy family.


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**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

Mafia Romance. Arranged Marriage. Single Parent. Age Gap.

I love all four of the above mentioned tropes on their own, but put them all together in a book and you will make me one happy woman. Sweet Temptation was definitely a book I was really looking forward to reading. First I had my doubts about Giulia's age, because I was afraid she would act immature. But thankfully that was not the case. She was sweet, caring, strong, and fierce. She was a great match for Cassio. He is broody, dark and a workaholic, but Giulia found a way to break down his walls. This arranged marriage was so that his son and daughter would have a mother, but she turned out to be so much more than he expected. I loved seeing them grow closer together, and I also loved seeing Giulia connect with Cassio's children. I especially loved seeing Giulia getting closer to Cassio's son Daniele, who had been affected by a very traumatic incident. There were some emotional scenes, and it really broke my heart to see the characters go through these moments.

This book was about a mafia underboss who isn't used to showing an emotional side. However, he would do anything for his children and that really showed in this book. Giulia wormed her way into his heart and made him realize that there is more to his world than just work. Seeing him reconnect with his son was beautiful. Cassio and Giulia were perfect for each other, and I enjoyed seeing them grow both as a couple and as individuals. There were a couple of twists in this book that really added to the overall plot, and made me enjoy the book even more. There was no dull moment, and I was intrigued and interested until the end. I was even a bit sad when I got closer to the finish of Cassio and Giulia's story. We are introduced to a couple of new characters and I really hope that they someday will get their own book. Sweet Temptation is a great contemporary mafia romance, and readers who enjoy all the tropes mentioned in the first line of this review, will most likely also enjoy this book. Definitely give it a chance if you like what you read in either the blurb or this review.

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Acting on impulse, I leaned forward and brushed my lips across his then darted my tongue out, tasting the liquor clinging to his mouth. Smoky and sweet.
Cassio stiffened, but the look on his face became even more intense than before. “What was that?” His voice was a low rasp that I could feel everywhere.
“A kiss?” I didn’t have much experience, but I doubted anyone could mess up a simple kiss.
“Are you trying to influence me with your body?”
My eyes grew wide. “No. I could smell the liquor on your breath, and I was curious how it tastes.”
Cassio chuckled. “You are a strange girl.” His mouth twisted. “Woman.”
He looked down at the dog in my arms. It was snuggled against me peacefully. Without a word, Cassio turned around and returned to his glass of whisky on the table. I stepped inside and closed the door. Stroking the dog, I followed my husband.
“What’s its name?”
“Loulou,” Cassio said, a strange note to his voice. I stopped beside him.
“Can I have a sip of your whisky?”
Cassio’s eyes bored into me. “You’ve never had whisky before?”
“No. My father didn’t allow me to drink alcohol. I had my first glass at our wedding.”
“Many firsts for one day.” A small shiver passed down my spine at the contemplative growl. “You aren’t old enough for hard liquor.”
My lips parted in indignation. Was he serious?
He downed the remains of his drink, and before I could say something snarky, he cupped the back of my head and pressed his lips to mine. Gently at first, his eyes searching mine. I grasped his bicep and stood on my tiptoes—his permission. Then he really kissed me, his tongue stroking mine, discovering my mouth. The taste of whisky swirled in my mouth, intoxicating—not as much as the kiss though. God, his kiss set me aflame.

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Cora Reilly is the author of the Born in Blood Mafia Series, The Camorra Chronicles and many other books, most of them featuring dangerously sexy bad boys. Before she found her passion in romance books, she was a traditionally published author of young adult literature.

Cora lives in Germany with a cute but crazy Bearded Collie, as well as the cute but crazy man at her side. When she doesn't spend her days dreaming up sexy books, she plans her next travel adventure or cooks too spicy dishes from all over the world.

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