Release Day Blitz - FORCED TO SIN by Brittani Mari


Brittani Mari is joining us today with the release day blitz for FORCED TO SIN, her new dark romance! Check it out and be sure to get yours today!


Title: Forced to Sin

Author: Brittani Mari

Genre: Dark Romance


Clint Marino wasn’t the definition of a perfect catch. He was damaged, cruel…and carried the reputation of being many people’s worst nightmare. So how had he come into my life? Simple. I was a job he needed to complete. But somewhere along the way, things became disjointed, confused. I found myself holding onto him instead of running away. Did that make me naïve? More than likely. But after learning his weakness, I wanted to fix it. Seeing the blatant pain he tried to hide, I had an overwhelming desire to help. I soon became enthralled, addicted to his broken pieces, blind to the storm headed our way. When it hit, its impact was devastating, leaving me gasping for air…


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Exclusive Excerpt:

“I had a shit day,” Valerie offered, holding the glass out to me. She didn’t elaborate, and the curse word coming out of her mouth didn’t fit. It seemed forced, foreign. I raised an eyebrow and motioned to my arm, trying to lighten the mood. Tears filled her eyes. “I can see it would’ve been a lot worse if it wasn’t for you.” I downed my glass, struggling to prevent the foreign emotions I felt. She was trying to break me with her tears. I needed her to stop, but she didn’t. I gritted my teeth, staring at her as she cracked in front of me. “I thought I could do this, but I can’t,” she whispered more to herself than me. “Then you came along, Marino.” Her eyes lifted to mine. “You say few words, but I hear you loud and clear. You saved me twice, but I don’t understand what you want.” I gripped the empty glass. Her words wouldn’t affect me. Wouldn’t dent the armor I wore proudly and effortlessly. A young, innocent, timid girl wouldn’t break through my defenses. There was no way in hell. She moved closer and touched my arm, assessing the damage. “We need to stitch you up. At least until you can get to a doctor.” I closed my eyes. She was too close. I clenched my hand, fighting the urge. “I’ll get the first aid kit.” She turned to go the same moment I reached out and grasped her arm. I looked down at her, the closeness affecting her the same as it did me. Her response mattered much more than any woman previously. She was broken, damaged just enough for my demons to ruin her if I got too close. I could protect her from the ones who wanted to kill her, but I couldn’t protect her from myself. I knew my worth. My struggles. My story was a classic, and Valerie wouldn’t be able to handle any of it if I decided to share my past. The first moment I held the gun in my hand. The kill igniting a flame. I became a demon, and no one was immune. I clutched her arm tighter. She gasped as I pulled her against me. I leaned down just enough for our lips to touch. She moaned. That one sound pushed me over the edge, unleashing the desire I had for her since the beginning. My obsession could be the end of me, but the second I tasted her, I didn’t care. Our tongues danced as we both let greediness overpower logic. My arm was no longer a concern as I lifted her to sit on the counter. I pulled back slightly nipping her neck, ear, eventually inhaling the lavender scent of her hair. She whispered words a man who deserved her would have loved to hear, but I wasn’t deserving, and hearing those words only made me realize how big of a mistake I was about to make. Tainting her. Taking her. It was almost as bad as a bullet slicing right through her, ending her life. “I want love that leaves me breathless,” she whispered. I gripped her hair tightly, staring deep into her hooded eyes. She trembled, and my dick instantly hardened. I yanked her body flush against mine. “I’m not your fairy tale, princess, but I’ll gladly claim the title of your nightmare.”

About Brittani:

Brittani Marí is a writer and reader. Her friends call her crazy, her family accepts her with all her flaws, and she makes sure to focus all her energy into creating the most suspenseful, sexy novels she can. When she isn’t working on her latest book or reading something new, you can find her sipping martinis with her besties, spending time with her family, or traveling to a new destination. The Illicit Affairs is the first story she’s decided to share with the world…and it’s only the beginning.

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