Cover Reveal & Exclusive Excerpt - FORCED TO SIN by Brittani Mari


Brittani Mari is joining us today with the cover reveal for FORCED TO SIN, her upcoming contemporary romance! Check it out and be sure to pre-order today!


Title: Forced to Sin

Author: Brittani Mari

Genre: Dark Romance

Release Date: March 16th


Clint Marino wasn’t the definition of a perfect catch. He was damaged, cruel…and carried the reputation of being many people’s worst nightmare. So how had he come into my life? Simple. I was a job he needed to complete. But somewhere along the way, things became disjointed, confused. I found myself holding onto him instead of running away. Did that make me naïve? More than likely. But after learning his weakness, I wanted to fix it. Seeing the blatant pain he tried to hide, I had an overwhelming desire to help. I soon became enthralled, addicted to his broken pieces, blind to the storm headed our way. When it hit, its impact was devastating, leaving me gasping for air…

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Exclusive Excerpt:

I stepped off the elevator and walked up to her door, raising my hand to knock, but paused, slowly turning the knob instead. When it turned, I gradually pushed the door open, giving the immediate area a thorough search before stepping inside. She sat on the couch, feet tucked underneath her. The dress she wore to the club no longer hugged her petite body. Instead, she wore thin leggings and an oversized sweatshirt that fell off one of her shoulders. Did she think changing her clothes made her less attractive? Did she assume it would prevent me from craving her? Erase the need to rip her clothes off and give her everything I had to offer? My dick throbbed. I shook my head, trying to collect my thoughts. This meeting was strictly professional. A job. It didn’t matter how tempting she was, the innocent vibes she put off. How the thin fabric of the dress she wore at the club allowed me to visualize every curve and dip of her body. She was reckless tonight. The Valerie I had studied a year before would have never acted so carelessly. She was always hesitant to show her beauty, except when she danced. Those moments were the ones that caused a beast like me to bow before her. Her actions tonight had proven only one thing. She was hurting, confused. Something had changed in her. Watching her on the couch, she had the same look as in the photograph I had of her. Lonely. Distant. Defeated. She looked up, her eyes meeting mine. No blink. No gasp. No typical reaction people gave me when they knew my presence wasn’t necessarily welcome. She knew I had a purpose. “What do you want?” She sounded tired, voicing the same question she had twice before. I paused. What did I want? I stepped farther into the living room and rested my arm on the mantel of the fireplace that warmed the small apartment I knew easily cost three grand a month. Her daddy’s money reeked in every inch of the space. The term privileged fit her perfectly. Was she aware of how her father earned the money that kept his family so comfortable? I was pretty sure it was the reason Valerie’s file had been thrown my way. Threatening what a person adored most was an old tactic to get somebody to do what you wanted. It never failed. “Do you know who I am, Valerie?” I focused on the flames and retrieved her phone from my back pocket, carefully placing it on the mantel, waiting. I could hear her swallow and shift on the couch, but I didn’t look up. “You saved me,” she whispered. “If you wouldn’t have been out there, he would’ve…” Her words seemed to catch in her throat, proving she knew what was bound to happen, making peace with it. What had made her give up? “No one cared. Nobody tried to stop him.” My eyes shifted to hers, catching the question in them. She was doubtful of my intentions, which gave me relief. It let me know she saw my truth. “Not every savior has good intentions, Ms. Reid. Not every person who comes to your rescue wants to help.” Seemingly of my own accord, my feet carried me over to the couch. I stopped, towering above her, breathing like a starved man waiting to feast. “Maybe they are saving you for themselves. To punish. To break.” She sucked in a breath. But my proximity seemed to ignite arousal, not fear. She scooted closer. Her body was in the perfect position for me to claim. I wanted to mark her with my scent. Had the sickening desire to keep her locked away for myself. “Are you going to hurt me?” Her voice was low, husky, as I crouched down in front of her, our faces barely an inch apart. I was hard. She was willing. The only sound in the room that of the crackling fire and our own breathing. In that instant, when my calloused hands lightly caressed her thighs as I looked into her pale gray eyes, I made my decision. “Get some sleep. Ms. Reid.” I stood swiftly, making my way to the door, the anger and need building inside me threatening to burst through. Without turning, I continued. “And a word of advice… Always lock your door. You never know who might barge in.”

About Brittani:

Brittani Marí is a writer and reader. Her friends call her crazy, her family accepts her with all her flaws, and she makes sure to focus all her energy into creating the most suspenseful, sexy novels she can. When she isn’t working on her latest book or reading something new, you can find her sipping martinis with her besties, spending time with her family, or traveling to a new destination. The Illicit Affairs is the first story she’s decided to share with the world…and it’s only the beginning.

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