Book Blitz - Excerpt & Giveaway - The Mocking Man by Leslie Georgeson

The Mocking Man by Leslie Georgeson

(The Pact Duet #1)
Publication date: February 3rd 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense


Not a word I would have associated with myself fifteen years ago. Back then I was innocent and carefree, a teenage boy with big dreams.
Then my best friend Rafe was kidnapped, and my world fell apart. I foolishly thought I could save him.
I was wrong.
Now my entire life is a web of deceit. My every breath tainted by lies. I don’t like what I’ve become. But it’s essential for my very survival.
My job now is to stay in the shadows and keep Rafe’s sister Isabella safe. She can’t even know I’m here.
Then danger lurks closer. Somehow, I must protect her while keeping my secret.
But I get so caught up in my own twisted game that I eventually make a terrible mistake.
Now she’s a part of the pact. And I can’t let her go.
But what kind of life can I give her if I can never be anything more than the mocking man?
***This series is a romantic suspense duet. Book 1 is Alex’s story, and Book 2 is Rafe’s story. Each is a separate romance with an HEA (and no cliffhangers). However, events from book 1 lead to events in book 2. Therefore, it is recommended that they be read in order to get the full story. These books contain strong language, adult situations, and dark subject matters. Recommended for readers ages 18 and up.***

“Do you honestly think Alex is alive?”
Sophia shook her head sadly. “After all this time, honestly, I think he’s dead. But I can’t tell Vivian that. I can’t let her lose hope.”
Vivian returned about five minutes later, clutching a thin brown book against her chest. She paused in front of me and looked me in the eye.
“I am going to trust you to bring this back as soon as you’re done reading it. Please don’t show it to anyone. It’s Alex’s private world. He would feel betrayed if anyone else read it. I didn’t even like handing it over to the police, but I had to just in case they found something that might help find him. They didn’t find anything. There’s nothing in there.” Her voice cracked.
“I won’t show anyone else,” I stated emphatically. “And I’ll bring it back as soon as I finish reading it. I promise.”
Would I be able to find a clue to what had happened to Alex? To his current whereabouts if he was still alive? Could I uncover what the police hadn’t been able to fifteen years ago?
The sleuth in me pushed forth, eager to solve the mystery of Alex’s disappearance.
Vivian’s eyes welled with tears and she blinked rapidly. Then slowly, hesitantly, she held the journal out to me.
I took it from her, cradling it against my chest.
And now I was on a quest to find out what had happened to Rafe’s best friend Alex.

Author Bio:
Leslie Georgeson writes romance and suspense, sometimes with a dash of sci-fi or paranormal tossed in to make things more interesting. She is the author of the popular military romantic suspense series, THE DREGS, which was nominated for the 2018 TopShelf Indie Book Awards. Her other titles include the UNLIKELY HEROES series, the UNDERNEATH series, the standalone romantic mystery, NO SON OF MINE, and the newly released romantic suspense duet, THE PACT. Book one, The Mocking Man, is now available on Amazon.
Leslie lives with her husband and daughter on a quiet country acreage in Idaho. She is currently working on The Honest Liar, the second book in THE PACT, and anticipates an early May 2020 release.



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