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Every Breath by by C.J. Burright

  Publication Date: February 25, 2020

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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She wants the full fairy tale. He’s no prince offering a happily ever after. True love may have met its match this time. True love… Happily ever after… The full meal-deal fairy tale… Glamour girl Gia Hellman almost had it all until death stole the love of her life. Two years and a string of dead-end hook-ups later, she’s through fooling around. Love will be hers again, but sexy, one-night-only lawyer Ian O’Connor doesn’t fit into the equation. No matter how charming or tempting, he’s neither knight nor prince, and she’s done kissing frogs. Prestige… Power… A pristine reputation… Ian O’Connor allows nothing to derail his goal of becoming the next partner in the most distinguished firm in town, not even Gia, the curvy vixen in sparkles and pink stilettos who haunts his fantasies. With a past full of long-buried secrets, he never breaks his rule of only one night with any woman. But when the case to propel Ian to the top requires working with Gia, and a slip-up results in a fake engagement, keeping his distance may be the trial of his life. As the passion between them builds and rules break one by one, Ian must decide between protecting a secret that could destroy him or risking it all for Gia’s dream of happily ever after. If only Ian believed in fairy-tale endings…

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“No more Celtic torture.” Gia covered a yawn with her hand and stood. “I’m going before I decide crashing on your couch isn’t a terrible idea.” She grabbed her purse, trudged to the exit and opened the door to a sultry summer night. The porchlight flickered and went out, leaving an outside world softened by darkness. Crickets chirped a distant song and a slice of moon rested on the horizon, the perfect backdrop to a magical moment. She stepped over the threshold before the spell took her. 
“You don’t have to go.” Ian grasped her wrist, stalling her escape. He gently turned her hand over and pressed his lips to her pulse, his gaze holding her entranced. “You’re officially off the clock. For the rest of the night, we can be whoever we want. Do whatever we want. In the morning, we can go back to being co-workers, if that’s what you want.” 
“What I want?” She tugged free of his loose hold but didn’t move away, only the doorjamb separating them. Moonlight reflected silver in his eyes, enchanting. “I don’t have a one-night-only policy, O’Connor.” 
“We’re technically engaged, so all policies are temporarily suspended.” He leaned on the molding, easing closer. “Besides, my confidence in your Gaelic wouldn’t win any awards. We can find other words to practice.” His voice dropped, seductive. “Such as ‘More’. ‘Don’t stop’. ‘Harder, faster’.” 
She hid a shiver—barely. “If you’re that worried about it, we can work on Gaelic tomorrow.” 
“It is tomorrow.” 
“At a reasonable hour.” 
“Can’t.” His mouth tightened. “I’m busy during reasonable hours tomorrow.”
“An engaged man busy on Saturday without his fiancée? That’s not suspicious at all. What are you doing?” 
“Engaged does not require open sharing.” His eyes were hooded as he stuffed his hands into his pockets. “I keep my secrets, love.” 
Gia fished her keys from her purse. The jangling echoed, too loud, shattering what remained of the spell. “I thought this was a partnership.” 
“Sunday,” he countered. 
“Can’t.” She sniffed and lifted her chin. “I promised to go to church, then see Adara and Garret after. They’re back from the honeymoon tomorrow and lying to my best friend about my fake engagement to a man she loathes should be all sorts of fun.” Telling Adara about her engagement without giving anything away would be true hell. 
“Damn, and I wasn’t invited.” Ian’s grin wasn’t at all sorry. The smile faded and an emotion flitted over his features, vanishing as fast as it appeared, back into the void of Ian O’Connor. She’d probably misread the expression, because it had looked a lot like yearning. 
Gia turned and skipped down the front steps before she thought on that anomaly too long. “Guess we’ll stick to Monday, Sugarpop.” 
“Quarter after four—a.m.” His tone held a smirk. 
She zombie-groaned. The simple thought of getting up before dawn flashed its crack to the world made her want to curl up on the sidewalk and get whatever sleep she could. 
“Where’s my goodnight kiss, Princess?” His voice slid through the shadows, calling her back. 
Spinning mid-step, she blew him a kiss and turned back around, afraid she might reconsider. When he didn’t say anything, her heart constricted, as if she’d abandoned him to face the dark alone.

About C.J. Burright

C.J Burright is a native Oregonian and refuses to leave. A member of Romance Writers of America and the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal special interest chapter, while she has worked for years in a law office, she chooses to avoid writing legal thrillers (for now) and instead invades the world of paranormal romance, fantasy, and contemporary romance. C.J. also has her 4th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and believes a story isn’t complete without at least one fight scene. Her meager spare time is spent working out, refueling with mochas, gardening, gorging on Assassin’s Creed, and rooting on the Seattle Mariners…always with music. She shares life with her husband, daughter, and a devoted cat herd.


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