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“This is one hell of a writer.”—Angela Knight, New York Times bestselling author

Vampire Master, an all-new paranormal romance that brings the heat from bestselling author Joey W. Hill, is available now!


Big and bad enough to be any girl’s nightmare—or her best dream ever…

Beyond your grasp. Those are the three words that come to mind, every time Ella sees Wolf at Club Atlantis. He earns the term Master, in and out of scene, yet there is something deeper and darker about him. She wants to dive into that abyss.

Wolf sees the yearning. But the submissive he ultimately claims will become his servant, soul-bound to him for all eternity. Ella is a natural submissive, with an endless desire to please. She’s perfect for the role, really. Except Ella is a gift he doesn’t deserve.

However, vampires are wired one way—to take what they want, no matter what their conscience tells them. Even Wolf isn’t strong enough to resist his nature . . . or the salvation Ella’s love offers.

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She turned toward the door, a light smile pasted on her face. He wore a gold-colored T-shirt and blue jeans. Though the shirt was untucked, she had no doubt he was wearing a belt. He’d pretty much branded that fashion accessory in her brain for the rest of her life. His shaved head gleamed in the soft light, adding shadows to the chiseled features and sparks to the silver gaze. It slid over her, head to toe. “I need to know your boundaries,” he said, before she could say anything. “Are you a sub in here?" With you, I'm always a sub. She didn’t say it, but she suspected it was obvious on her face, from the flicker in his eyes, the flex in his jaw. But she found her words. “Yes, if that’s what you want. If you don’t, I’m just a massage therapist, helping you with problem areas. You can treat me the same way you’d treat a normal masseuse. Or you can treat me as both at once. It’s up to you.” “Both sound good.” He stepped over the threshold. In the cozy little space, he seemed even bigger. She normally maintained a respectful distance from him, which gave her room to gauge what he was wanting. In these close quarters, she had to tip her face up to look at him. She didn’t often look up into a Dom's face until given permission, but in this situation, she felt like he wanted her to do it. He wanted her to feel that difference in size and strength, how much bigger he was than her. She wet her lips. “Is what I’m wearing acceptable, sir?” “For the moment. I’d like you to lose the shorts, though. Wear just the shirt and panties. No bra.” He glanced at himself. “How about me? What do you need me to wear to do this right?” Despite a BDSM club being less modest than other venues, she usually gave clients a little speech to put them at ease about their weight or any other perceived physical flaws. It went something like, “There’s no need for any self-consciousness. During a massage, I don't see the body; I see muscles.” There was no way she could say that to Wolf with a straight face, so she redacted that line in her head before it made it anywhere close to her lips. “You’ve never had a massage?” “No.” That knowledge helped her click back into her role, pull together some of the focus that his presence had scattered so effectively. “Well, it’s up to you. Most guests prefer to be completely unclothed so there’s no impediment to the massage, but if you prefer to leave on underwear, I can work with that, no problem. I do put a heated sheet over you as a cover, and I only fold it back from the area I’m working on.” “I tend to run hot. Is having the cover a requirement?” “Not really. You’ll be lying on a heated pad, which helps the muscle relaxation, but I can take the heated blanket off the top entirely after a couple minutes, if you prefer that.” “Okay, then.” He pulled off his T-shirt, the stretch of his muscled upper torso capturing her gaze and not letting it go. The arch of his body was exaggerated because, in the small space, he had to straighten his arms more than normally would be necessary, to keep from rapping her with his elbows. Her palms itched to press against the ripple of chest and abdomen muscles, the sides of his waist. All well within reach. Just as she’d known, he was wearing a belt. When he started to unbuckle the plain silver buckle, she turned to busy herself elsewhere. “Look at me, Ella. You have my permission.” Treat it like a session, she thought. A session that any Dom could request from her, that she could approve or not. Though the wisdom of not engaging with him was starting to become painfully clear, she knew she wouldn’t refuse him. No matter the plea echoing in her mind, her heart. Don’t let me get pulled so deeply into him. Don’t let me get trapped in that lonely sea of finding everything I want there, but nothing that wants me back.

About Joey W. Hill
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Joey W. Hill writes about vampires, mermaids, boardroom executives, cops, witches, angels, simple housemaids . . . pretty much wherever inspiration takes her. She's penned over forty acclaimed titles and six award-winning series, and been awarded the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award for Erotica. But she's especially proud and humbled to have won the support and enthusiasm of a wonderful, widely diverse readership.
So why erotic romance? “Writing great erotic romance is all about exploring the true face of who we are – the best and worst - which typically comes out in the most vulnerable moments of sexual intimacy.” She has earned a reputation for writing BDSM romance that not only wins her fans of that genre, but readers who would “never” read BDSM romance. She believes that's because strong, compelling characters are the most important part of her books.“Whatever genre you’re writing, if the characters are captivating and sympathetic, the readers are going to want to see what happens to them. That was the defining element of the romances I loved most and which shaped my own writing. Bringing characters together who have numerous emotional obstacles standing in their way, watching them reach a soul-deep understanding of one another through the expression of their darkest sexual needs, and then growing from that understanding into love - that's the kind of story I love to write."Take the plunge with her, and don't hesitate to let her know what you think of her work, good or bad. She thrives on feedback!

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