Release Day Review: Last Light by Claire Kent

It only took four years for the world to fall apart.

Now the last member of my family has died, and I'm forced to travel across what's left of three states to find the only people I know left alive. To survive, I'll have to salvage food and supplies and try to avoid violent men who've learned they can take what they want by force. The only way I'm going to make it is by trusting Travis.

Travis used to fix my car, and now he's all I have left in the world. He's gruff and stoic and unfriendly, and I don't really know or like him. But he's all I have left. He'll keep me safe. We'll take care of each other. Until we reach what's left of our town and can finally let go of one another.

Last Light is a standalone post-apocalyptic romance set in the near future after a global catastrophe.

**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

I have a difficult time resisting a post-apocalyptic romance novel. There is just something about the going back to basics state of the world that really appeals to me. Material things that are important in normal times don't mean anything when you are trying to survive a disaster. During these times, groups of people turn on each other and can act like monsters. You don't know who you can trust and what you'll have to do to survive. I love the unpredictability of the situation and the growth the characters will go through.

Last Light by Claire Kent was a great book and it kept me interested until the end. Even though the main character Layne is young, she really stepped up and did a great job in adjusting to the new world. She was strong and independent and I enjoyed getting to know her. However, I also liked that the author was able to capture her innocence in certain situations. You could feel that she was young and had to grow up faster than she would've had to if earth wasn't hit by a disaster. Travis is a good man and wants to protect Layne. I really liked how they met and how they both handled the situation. It was nice seeing these two individuals growing closer together. The pacing was great and I can't continue without saying that the sex scenes were really hot. I really enjoyed this book and I think fans of this genre will as well.

USA Today bestselling author of sexy contemporary romance and women's fiction.

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