Book Blitz & Giveaway - Claimed by the Demon Hunter by Harley James

Claimed by the Demon Hunter 

by Harley James 
(Guardians of Humanity, #1)
Publication date: October 19th 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

I want to shove her against the wall and take her innocence.

That was my thought as she ran into me in our apartment hallway.
Most women that come this close to a demon hunter turn to putty on the spot.
Not Jessie.
This sassy little spitfire is playing hard to get.
Beautiful eyes and heart shaped ass that would make any immortal do bad things.
I was a scumbag before my death and fate gave me two choices.
Fight demons for the sake of humanity, or face hellfire and damnation.
Yeah, not really much of a choice…
Guarding humanity is tough, but loving Jessie makes me remember what it’s like to be human.
Her gentle touch and caring heart make me want to be… more.
So as the battle for good and evil draws near, Jessie’s safety is my main concern.
They try to come for her.
Wrong move.
I protect what’s mine.

Demon Hierarchy (most power to least)
—the Original Fallen Angel (AKA Satan, The Devil, Dark One)—He rules Hell, Fallen Angels, and all other demonic beings from the cage he was placed in by the Archangel Michael during Heaven’s Fallen Angel Rebellion.
— Lucifer’s children via Succubus mothers. They are princes and princesses of Hell who can control all demonic beings except Lucifer. They have their own true, monstrous forms so they don’t have to take a human host, though they usually do so they can walk among humanity undetected. When Archdemons are exorcised from human bodies without access to their true bodies, they spew a blood-red colloidal substance out of their mouth, nose, and ears. They are immortal. When they are “killed” on Earth, their spirits return to Hell to await their next opportunity to come back to torment humanity.
— Other Fallen Angels from The Rebellion. They take their own forms, so don’t need human hosts, though they usually take them to walk among humans undetected. They can command demons and the possessed. They are commanded by archdemons and Lucifer, but they usually try to keep off the archdemons’ radar so they can do their own thing.
—commanded by any class of Fallen Angels (Incubus, Succubus, Rephaim, or Nephilim), but the Rephaim boss them around the most. The Incubi, Succubi, and Nephilim like to be more solitary. Demons and demonic spirits in search of human hosts are more numerous than archdemons and Fallen Angels. They also get to Earth easier and much more frequently than their more powerful counterparts.

Author Bio:

Mom by day and freak by night, Harley is a down to earth soccer mom who lets her foxy side fly when writing about witty females, over the top bad boys, and a world of steamy magical romance so hot it’d make a demon sweat.

When Harley’s not reading, writing, or dancing in the kitchen, some of her favorite activities happen in the great outdoors with her sexy alpha hubby, their two awesome teenagers, and the world’s coolest dog, Finn.
So leave all your worries behind and let Harley make your sultry fantasies come to life!



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